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If you are looking for the Best Minecraft server with free ranks, with a dedicated IP address where you can play in a wide variety of different game modes (creative, survival, adventure, spectator, competitive, etc.), and that gives you the option to integrate your ranking system designed to reward skills, prestige, and progress in the game without having to pay anything, then you just found the best Minecraft hosting provider for you.

What are Minecraft Servers used for?

What are Minecraft Servers used for?
What are Minecraft Servers used for?

Minecraft servers are used for a variety of purposes and offer different gameplay experiences depending on the server’s configuration and the plugins or mods installed. Overall, Minecraft servers offer a wide range of experiences and cater to different playstyles and interests. They provide a platform for multiplayer interaction, creativity, competition, and community building within the Minecraft universe.

Why is it Better to Host my Minecraft Server instead of on my PC?

While hosting your Minecraft world locally on your computer has its advantages, such as complete control and privacy, opting for a remote server offers convenience, performance, multiplayer capabilities, and scalability, making it a popular choice for many players, particularly those who enjoy multiplayer or community-based gameplay.

Here are some of the principal reasons why our users prefer to have their Minecraft worlds on a remote server with MyHostingLive:

  • 24/7 Availability: When your Minecraft world is hosted on MyHostingLive’s remote servers, it can be accessed and played at any time, even when your computer is turned off or you’re not at home. The server remains online and allows others to join and play, providing continuous access to your world.
Minecraft Multiplayer
Minecraft Multiplayer
  • Minecraft Multiplayer: MyHostingLive’s remote servers are designed to accommodate multiple players simultaneously. By hosting your world on a server, you can invite friends or other players to join you and collaborate on projects or engage in multiplayer gameplay (this is especially beneficial if you want to create a community or play with others who may not be physically nearby).
  • Increased Performance: Our Minecraft servers are typically optimized for performance, allowing for smoother gameplay and reduced lag compared to running the game on your local computer. Servers often have higher processing power, more RAM, and better internet connections, resulting in a more stable and enjoyable experience, particularly in multiplayer scenarios.

What do “Free Ranks” on Minecraft refer to?

What do "Free Ranks" on Minecraft refer to?
What do “Free Ranks” on Minecraft refer to?

In Minecraft, ranks typically refer to different levels or positions that players have within a server or community, these ranks can vary greatly between different servers, and some servers may have additional or unique ranks. Additionally, modded servers or servers with specific plugins may have different ranks and roles tailored to their specific gameplay or community.

With MyHostingLive you can not only create a private Minecraft server but have also full administrative permits over your world through a control panel, but also create custom ranks (generate your free rank system where you reward skill and hard work), and assign them to the players on your server in all game modes.

What Ranks can you get on Minecraft Free Ranks Servers?

  • Default/Player: This is the starting rank that all players usually have when they join a server. It has basic privileges and limited access to server features.
  • VIP: VIP, short for “Very Important Player,” is a rank that is often obtained through a donation or by meeting specific criteria set by the server (VIP players usually have additional privileges and perks).
  • Moderator: Moderators, also known as mods, are players who have been granted special powers and responsibilities to enforce rules, manage the server, and maintain a friendly environment. They have the authority to warn or ban players who violate the rules.
  • Admin: Admins, short for administrators, are players who have significant control and authority over the server. They are responsible for managing the server’s settings, plugins, and overall operation. Admins often have the power to issue bans, add or remove features, and resolve technical issues.
  • Owner: The owner is the highest rank on a Minecraft server and has complete control and ownership of the server. They have the final say in all matters and can make decisions regarding the server’s operation, staff, and community.

Minecraft server with free Ranks: Extra Features that you’ll love

Minecraft server with free Ranks: Extra Features that you'll love
Minecraft server with free Ranks: Extra Features that you’ll love

We have already mentioned some of the main benefits that come with hosting your Minecraft creative or survival server, but aside from those and the obvious benefit (which is having your private server without having to pay anything and without having to join an overpopulated never like existing servers), there are other great advantages that we know will catch your attention.

Advantages of using a Free Minecraft Hosting Server: Scalability

If you have MyHostingLive’s remote server hosting your Minecraft world, you have the flexibility to expand your player base or increase server resources as needed. You’ll get to upgrade your server’s capacity to accommodate more players or adjust the server specifications to meet the demands of your gameplay preferences or community.

Advantages of using a Free Minecraft Hosting Server: Backup and Data Security

Backup and Data Security
Backup and Data Security

By hosting your Minecraft world on MyHostingLive’s remote server, you reduce the risk of losing your world due to computer crashes, hardware failures, or accidental deletions. Server providers usually have backup systems in place to protect your data and offer options to restore previous versions of your world if needed.

Advantages of using a Free Minecraft Hosting Server: Server Management and Customization

Hosting your world on a remote server with MyHostingLive gives you greater control and customization options. You can install unlimited plugins, mods, or resource packs to enhance gameplay, manage server settings, and have administrative privileges to control the server environment.

Advantages of using a Free Minecraft Hosting Server: Accessibility

Storing your Minecraft world on a remote server means you can access and play your world from any device with an internet connection. This is one of the reasons why MyHostingLive has become the best hosting service provider, with our hosting services, whether you’re on your computer, tablet, or even a mobile device, you can connect to the server and continue playing your world seamlessly.

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