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The problem with most free hosting providers is that they offer a limited amount of resources for their users. We are different! Explore our Free Unlimited Hosting Offerings.

How to Sign Up for MyHostingLive

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MyHostingLive offers unlimited resources to all our members and we are the only hosting provider in the industry who does this. This means you can get more done on your website without having to worry about hitting resource limits or having any downtime.

Because we offer unlimited resources, you will never experience any downtime and your site will always be up and running. Our servers are also backed by enterprise level hardware which ensures that no matter how much traffic hits your website it will not slow down or crash due to lack of server power. We also provide 24/7 support so if you ever need help with something, someone from our team is ready to assist!

Our One of a Kind Free Membership

At MyHostingLive we have made it our mission to provide the best free webhosting services possible with no strings attached, just sign up and start using our Free Hosting Services immediately. Our VPS servers are powered by SSDs which makes them lightning fast and will make sure your site is always online even during peak loads. Our RDP Servers come with unlimited bandwidth so you won’t need to worry about overloading the server or incurring any extra charges for heavy usage of resources. With MyHostingLive’s Free Membership you get access to an array of free offer such as Free RDP Hosting, Free VPS Hosting, Free Domains, Free Minecraft Servers, Free Unlimited cPanel Hosting as well as a SSL Certificate absolutely FREE! Just signup today and enjoy all these great offers completely FREE! No hidden fees or

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MyHostingLive has created an easy way to make sense of this crazy world of hosting by giving every new customer their own personal account manager who will help them through the process from start to finish. They will explain everything in plain English so they don’t feel left behind at any time during this process. And once they sign up our team works hard to ensure that their experience on our site is top notch! If someone calls us for support we answer within 5 minutes! That means people always get fast answers when they need them most!

Yes, once you finish signing up using our third-party service, you will have access to all our services. A single verified account will grant you access to all services offer by MyHostingLive

Yes, becoming a member with MyHostingLive is permanent. Enjoy all the benefits that becoming a member offers. There is not excuse not to become a member of our community

If you happen to have a problem with our service, simply contact us and our support team will help you in the shortest time. In case there’s a major problem with the server you will be notified via email

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