Free Windows RDP Server Canada

Get an instant setup and connect to your desktop server anywhere in the world with this free Windows RDP Canada. Save time going back and forth from the office every moment, and start using our RDP now. Even if you don’t know much about it, don’t worry because MyHostingLive will help you solve any doubts you have about it in this guide, so let’s get started.

How Does a Free Windows RDP Canada Work?

RDP is a protocol developed by Microsoft that allows users to access and control a virtual server desktop without being present. The RDP server basically creates a simulated environment that represents the remote computer and lets the admin user make changes and settings without worrying about latency and affecting the physical PC at all. 

With RDP, you not only have remote access software but also a tool perfect for running heavy programs or server hosting, as all the resources will be available to manage, like the CPU and the RAM, for example. Whether it is for storing big files or creating a Windows desktop for personal use, an RDP with full admin access like the one for MHL will allow you to unlock a new world regarding connection and RDP hosting. 

What’s the Difference between a VPS Windows Server and an RDP Service?

The big difference is that a Windows VPS is a virtual machine server that has a reserved amount of resources to use, access, and manage for hosting purposes. On the other hand, the Canada RDP provides—besides that—remote access, complete control over the server desktop with the help of a control panel, and unlimited resources for the server machines.

Both can simulate a Windows operating system or desktop, but if you want to connect and customize a server for work tasks or personal use for navigation or gaming, then an RDP is the best solution no matter what. And with that in mind, if you are looking for top-notch Windows RDP services with good customer support, then MyHostingLive will be the one for the job. 

Can I get a Remote Desktop Protocol Server for Free?

Don’t look anywhere else and use the best Canada RDP with full admin access for free! We don’t need any credit and debit card or PayPal information, and we don’t manage any free trials, as everything will be available to all our users. You just need to register on our site, and once you become a member, you will get all the exclusive benefits that MHL has for free!

Get a free RDP from us and use it 24/7. It’s perfect for storing data, and you won’t worry about the lag as we have more than 10 data centers located in Canada, so you can choose the closest one for you and start using the remote desktop connection to your own server right away. Besides that, we also have an uptime of 99.8%, so you will never disconnect from our servers or lose important data.

Install our Remote Desktop Software with these Four Steps

Once you have the RDP account, click on the option at the top of the page that says “Service” and select “Free Windows RDP.” If you have not registered yet, then first get the membership code that will be sent to your email, and after that, you will be redirected to another page where you have to fill out some basic data and follow these simple steps:

  1. The first one is to fill out information such as your server (Windows 10, Windows Server 2012, etc.), server location in Canada, and select the specs for the free RDP server. 
  2. After that, run the RDP client and install the software.
  3. Create a secure username and password to connect to the remote Windows server.
  4. Follow the instructions to set up the server and establish RDP access using your credentials.

From that moment on, you will gain free remote access and control the second screen like nothing, even allowing multiple users to access it if you want to. Our RDP comes with instructions if you feel like you need help, and we also have an incredible technical support team ready to assist you with the server using the best tools to fix it right away. 

Register on MyHostingLive and Learn more about our Canadian RDP Plans!

Our RDP plans come with full admin access, a free dedicated IP so you can establish good remote access, and a fully dedicated server so no one can have access unless you want to. We also have a good connection speed to gain more productivity thanks to our unlimited bandwidth and a friendly graphical interface, so you can know what to do immediately. 

Get the Best Canada RDP with Admin Access for any Windows OS

MHL RDP provides remote access for any Windows remote desktop from Windows 7 to Windows 11. Even if you change the servers or update the OS, you can still use it without issues as the RDP allows server changes. All you have to do is change the server information and enter your credentials. The server will update after a couple of minutes, and everything should be running again. 

Since we don’t manage premium features and everything is already enabled, you can fully customize everything inside the server without affecting the primary source, making your RDP server unique and ready to use with just one click. Don’t limit your resources and keep your data safely stored; install all the programs you want, and keep everything separated and organized on your second screen. 

Can I use this Free RDP with other Operating Systems?

Yes! We also have coverage and free remote desktop solutions or private servers for other OS, like Linux and Mac. The installation and setup process is very similar for Windows, and all the advantages we have here also apply to those operating systems, so you can still connect and manage everything without so much hassle and being there with the physical server. 

Is MyHostingLive Free RDP Server Slow?

Not at all! We are constantly working and improving our services so they are up-to-date and running smoothly. We have also implemented more data centers so the connection can be up for the whole year. Thanks to that, we have been active and running for ten years without having major issues or disconnections, and we have always maintained a good speed of response for all our members. 

Why use MyHostingLive for Remote Desktop Services?

We have one of the best RDP provider services in 2024, and we provide RDP solutions for other countries like the USA, UK, Germany, France, and Mexico. So it doesn’t matter where you are located; just make sure that your server is connected to one of these regions, and you will have full coverage anywhere in the world. 

Also, if you have a small business and only one PC, you can keep everything organized and separated with this virtual service from MHL and access the best remote support thanks to our Canada RDP plans. You can keep personal stuff on the main PC and business-related stuff on the server since it is more secure and reliable. 

In that case, another advantage is that this virtual private server is not going to interfere with another remote access app like Microsoft Remote Desktop or AnyDesk since everything is isolated and protected through our SSL encryption and secure protocols for the RDP Windows server.

Don’t buy RDP Servers; Install our Client and Gain Remote Access for Free!

Don’t look for cheap RDP solutions that can damage the equipment; use one of the leading RDP servers on the market. With MyHostingLive, you get your private RDP and only provide access or permissions to whomever you want. Use our RDP now and see what other services we have on this page with this perfect money-saver!