Free .com domains

Secure your business commerce and don’t waste more time looking for domain names and TLDs! Create your site now with the help of MyHostingLive. Here, we will teach you everything you need to know about getting a domain, how it works, and what benefits you have with us besides the name extension. Keep reading and discover what other benefits we have for you and the best options for creating your website and securing a .com domain!

What is the Purpose of the .com Domain Name Extension?

The .com top-level domain, or TLD, is most commonly used for commercial purposes and sites that offer a product or service, like,, etc. It can also be used for e-commerce services, and if you have a .com website, your chances of being more appealing to your audience will increase exponentially since it is the most used name extension and looks very professional. 

There’s a big possibility that there’s already an existing domain with the name that you want. You can still look around on pages like WHOIS and see if the domain name for your website is available. If that is the case, create your domain right away with MHL and secure it under the .com domain name so you can achieve your online goals and objectives, which will help you reach your target audience.

What are the Benefits of doing a Free Domain Registration Under the .com TLD?

If you have a .com site, it can be very beneficial for your commerce since it is not only popular but can also come with many advantages that you will need if you want to grow in the network and reach more potential customers. Some benefits of acquiring a .com TLD and doing free domain name registration with it are:

  • It can help you gain rank in the search engines and improve your SEO.
  • It can be easily recognized (this, with a good domain name, will boost your site even more).
  • It can appear more reliable for anyone looking for it. 
  • It has a higher value for resale or investment. 
  • It can work with all types of businesses, from small to big. 

This, with a good web hosting service, will get your website on the main page of Google or any other search engine in no time. The best part is that you can start doing this process, secure everything right now, and register a new domain with MHL in less than an hour!

Where can I get a Free Domain Name with a Hosting Plan?

If you are looking for a permanent and custom domain, and are looking for a good web hosting provider for your business, then MyHostingLive is the best choice in terms of compatibility, security, price, and reliability. Our hosting package includes everything you need to register a domain and start your business immediately, including free business email addresses and unlimited bandwidth and resources. 

MLH will also be your domain name registrar, so we will send everything to the registration site so the domain name you want and the TLD (the .com, in this case) can be secured only for you. There’s no need to purchase a domain anymore, as you can have your own free of charge without having to renew your domain like other sites that only leave it for free for the first year.

Claim your Free Domain Extension in Three Simple Steps 

Take advantage of our plans and get a domain name for free with free hosting as well! Follow these three simple steps we are going to describe, and we will do all the tedious work of doing the domain registration and creating part of the website just for you:

  1. First, click the “Service” button and select “Free domain.
  2. After that, choose a domain extension and the desired domain name (remember to check for domain name availability first) for your website. 
  3. Please register on our site and follow the instructions to create a domain for your website.

Follow these steps and wait for our specialist to set up everything so you can have complete access later with all the necessary tools to create the perfect website domain. In the meantime, check out all our tips and recommendations and look at all the benefits you will receive for becoming a member. 

Register a Free Domain Name with a Website Builder with MHL 

Besides the new domain name and free web hosting, you also have an integrated website builder, so you can start creating the content and organizing the interfaces so they can be more appealing to new users. You have full admin control over the website and can customize everything inside of it to make the perfect UI and UX for the product or service you are currently offering. 

Don’t worry about looking for a domain registrar or having to pay later, we will do all the necessary processes to ensure your .com domain is working and ready to be used. It doesn’t matter if you are starting or have a small business, as we will provide you with tips along the way. You can always look for more resources online to choose a domain name or boost your response time and SEO. 

Enjoy Premium Features for your Domain Registration without having to Pay!

MyHostingLive not only offers free domain names and free websites, but we also include unlimited benefits and secure protection in all our packages, including free SSL certificates, domain privacy, etc. You can also have the option to have other hosting services attached to it (like WordPress hosting, for example) and subdomain management, so you can grow even more in the future. 

Register a Domain Name for Free and Allow your Business to Grow!

Get free hosting services, have your site running 24/7 without issues, maintain uptime, and make all the changes without missing online traffic. Don’t forget to have a purpose and a goal every week so the site can improve even more with time. In case of any issues, don’t hesitate to contact us right away so we can solve the problem and get your site back online in no time. 

What happens if I want to Transfer a Domain with a Web Hosting Plan?

If you already have a free web domain or bought a domain before discovering MHL services, don’t worry, you have the option to transfer your domain without issues. Register on our site, and our support team will be more than glad to assist you in passing all the files and settings you have on the site while still maintaining your custom domain name and .com TLD. 

We will proudly assist you with any doubts or questions you have. Remember that we have a ton of guides available if you want to know more about creating free website domains and what other services MyHostingLive offers. So check out all our user- and admin-friendly tools to start working on your site and your ideal domain name. 

How much does a Domain Name or a Website Cost?

Most sites offer a free trial or domain for a year, and after that, the cost may vary depending on the TLD and the host service you have. Although it is not going to be very expensive, with MHL free service we will have you covered and are ready to provide free services for a lifetime if you need to.

If you are looking to start a web business and don’t have many resources at the moment, then try our service and reach a new level in terms of commerce and clients. Expand your horizons with MyHostingLive and learn how you can create the perfect website with the perfect TLD for free.