Free .co domains

Assign your company a free .co domain extension and reserve your domain name now with MyHostingLive. With MLH, you will learn everything there’s to know about this world, and we will accompany you through the whole process so you can have your site running today. Register a domain without having to do so much stuff, create your website from scratch, or transfer one without so much hassle; don’t look anywhere else to have a free website domain, become a member now!

What is the Process for Checking if a Domain Name is Available?

Besides thinking about the free domain extension you can get with us, it is also essential to know if a domain registration is available for use. Usually, you can check it the moment you create the website, but if you want to check the website names that are available for registration, go to WHOIS and see if the one you need is already taken or not. 

If it is not taken, then the moment you create your .co top-level domain with our servers and create the account to register a domain name, we will act as the domain registrar and send all the information so it can be added to the WHOIS database in no time. Don’t worry; this will take a little time, and in the meantime, you can create content for your site or check out the website hosting service.

What is the Meaning of .co for Domain Extensions?

This .co TLD, or domain extension, is used for a company or corporation’s business name. If your site is designed to showcase your company’s service or extend your list of clients, then the best domain extension will be .co. This, along with the name of your group or association, will be easier to find with the URL and to recognize since it has all the elements to appear on the main page. 

How to get a Free .co Domain and Web Hosting Plan 

As we previously mentioned, you will need to register to access our web hosting services and free domain registration, but don’t worry—this process is pretty easy. All you need to do is set up your email and get the membership code we will send you to create an account with us. Then, at the top of “Services,” select “Free Domain” and start creating the site.

Create a website, select the domain extension (in this case, .co, but there are others), and check immediately if a name is available for free registration. Follow the steps on the screen and wait until our support teams finish setting up the DNS, doing the domain name registrar, and assigning an IP for you on our servers so it can be up in less than 10 minutes.

Create your Site with our Integrated Website Builder

While our specialist is working on your new website, try our control panel and website builder to create the perfect interface for your company. Check all the themes and UI recommendations we have for free, and if you are transferring a domain to MHL, customize it and change everything without losing your uptime and visibility on the network and search engines!

What Services Can MyHostingLive Offer for Domain Names?

Get your free hosting package with MHL with only your email! Everything’s available for our users, including email hosting, domain privacy, an easy-to-use control panel, unlimited subdomains, and the ability to transfer your domain without additional charges or issues. Create a web presence with our whole package and rank in the search engines in no time with our web hosting provider available to anyone. 

You can have a new domain name with admin access and different TLDs and customize everything inside of it. If you want, you can also use other web hosting services to improve your SEO, performance, and response rate, like WordPress, Hostinger, and Bluehost, as we are still compatible with all of them. Combine it with MHL and create the best website of all time. 

What are the Advantages of using MHL to get a Free Domain Name? 

Besides helping you create a new domain and offering free good hosting options, we will also ensure that all your information is protected from data breaches with our .co domain name privacy protection, free SSL certificates for your site and users, and DDoS protection. We have everything covered, as our plans include creating, protecting, and securing your domain needs. 

How Easy Is It to Create and Get a Free Domain Name Registration?

With other sites, it will depend on the site you want to create and the domain extension, but with MyHostingLive, you can have a free business website running without so many requirements and without having to know much about this topic. Please register on our site, select your domain extension, enter the domain name you want, and wait until we set everything up to start working.

Create your own Website and Domain with MHL

If you do not require a .co domain name right now, you can use any other TLDS, such as .com, .net, or .org, without issue. Create as many subdomains as you need for your commerce, but don’t forget always to have a purpose so it can be easy to remember for all your users and future clients. That way, you can improve your domain even more and take advantage of the benefits we have in terms of shared hosting.

With us, you can move even forward in terms of connectivity and user experience. In case you have issues or more questions, remember that we have a blog with the most frequently asked questions. We will be active 24/7 if you need assistance with the site, have issues with the site, or are trying to do a domain transfer to one of our specialized servers. 

Need a Site Registration but don’t have the Money to Purchase a Domain?

If you are thinking about buying a domain but they are not what you are looking for and are very expensive, then try MyHostingLive. We will include a lot of premium features without having to pay anything. We don’t have any hidden charges to register a domain for free and take care of it, so if you are starting out in this world and want to know more about websites, then MHL is the best web hosting for the job. 

Can I get a Permanent Domain Registration for Free?

Yes! MyHostingLive can host your site for as long as you want; there are no domain renewals or some terms and conditions that say you can only have it free for the first year. The site will be up no matter what, and you can make changes without affecting the traffic or SEO for Google, so try it now and discover all the benefits and advantages we have for all our members! 


Remember that a website has two essential components: the domain name and the domain extension. Get both of them right now with our services, and reserve your name before it gets taken away!

Free .org Domain Name: why Register mine?

A top-level domain like .org is most commonly used for non-profit organizations, such as charitable organizations and education platforms. However, in recent years, that has changed, and now the .org domain can be used for other types of websites and even sometimes for commercial purposes (like the com domain).

With that in mind, if you have an open-source project or want to create an NGO and share it with the world, then .org is the best domain extension you can reserve for a website. It will rank even higher than any other free website with the same theme but a different TLD, so if you still need a free domain name registration but want to avoid purchasing it, MHL will do the job and provide all the tools for you. 

Is my Website’s Domain Name Registration the same as its Domain Extension?

No, they are different, but they complement each other to create a website’s URL. The domain name is the name you assign to the website and the one the user will search to see its content, like Apple, Amazon, YouTube, etc. On the other hand, the top-level domains (.com, .net, .co, and .org) are additions so the website can have space and an IP and provide a purpose. 

Check the Name Availability for your Free Domain Registration

Usually, when you try to enter the domain name or create it for the first time, it will tell you if the name is available. However, if you still want to look for it before you register it with us under the .org domain, you can visit a site called WHOIS and check if the domain name you want is still available or if you need to consider other names. 

Remember that the name is more important than the TLD since the user will have to remember it to look at and access your website. So, if you come up with a difficult name or one too long, your website will never rank or appear on the search engines, even if you use the correct domain extension. So, choose a domain name that is either short or easy to remember but still captures your organization’s purpose. 

Use a Reliable Hosting Plan with MyHostingLive!

If you are tired of looking for secure and efficient web hosting providers or hosting companies that don’t charge much, don’t look elsewhere. Host your content and website without worrying that it will stop working after the first year, as MHL will provide lifetime hosting services and maintenance every day of the year in case you require it and want to rank even higher. 

Three Reputable Ways to Get a Free Domain Name with .org

Although web hosting companies can offer different plans or free domains for the first year, you can get a .org domain in various ways. The first one is with a free web hosting service like MHL; the second is joining affiliated programs or existing domains and becoming a subdomain. Lastly, you can buy a domain from someone else and transfer it to free web hosting to maintain the name and the extension. 

Keep in mind that, depending on the method you use to create and manage your domain, you will also have to look for domain name registrars and website builder plans. Lucky for you, if you use our free hosting platform, the only thing you need to worry about is creating a good name and deciding what content to put up to attract the attention of online users.

Use our Integrated Website Builder to Build your Website!

After you create an account with us and register the domain, please wait until we process everything and make your site. This process won’t take long, and in the meantime, you can look at the options available on our website builder. Check all the themes and UX customizations that we have available and get an overview of how your website will look once it’s finished with MHL!

Get all the Premium Web Hosting Services for Free

If you are currently looking for hosting options to start your business or organization, MHL has the best web hosting to start right away. Use us as your domain registrar and get the best hosting package and domain name for free! Become a member and obtain exclusive benefits and free plans like:

  • Free SSL.
  • Email Hosting.
  • Shared hosting plans.
  • Popular domain extensions.
  • Domain privacy, and more! 

Register a new domain and secure everything inside of it with DDoS protection, two-factor authentication, and a strong username and password so no one can access it without your permission. Remember that we also have a 24/7 support team, so contact us at any time to assist you and answer any questions or problems you have.

Utilize our All-in-One Service to get an org. Domain Extension!

To access the best website hosting service, go to the top of this article, and under “Services,” click on the option that says “Free Domain.” Select or register a free domain name from there and select your preferred TLD. Follow the instructions on the screen to create the account, and wait until our system finishes creating and uploading your website to the network to start the building process. 

In case the domain name you want is not available, we will help you select another one or something similar so you don’t waste that much time on it. After the website gets assigned an IP and a DNS, it will be up and running, so anyone can visit it even if it is under construction. So, start gathering information about website creation and optimization and have your site ready to showcase your content.

Get Subdomains and Optimize your Website even more!

Extend your organization or business with our subdomain package. With this, you can have different top-level domains working under your main website and reach more parts of the internet so anyone can find you. Elevate your website’s profit, visibility, and value with this plan, and use MyHostingLive website domain and subdomain services now. 

Need a Domain Transfer? Do it with MyHostingLive and Keep Everything you have!

Transfer your domain and free subdomain with no additional charges, contact our support, discover how to transfer your site, and start using our service immediately. Remember that we won’t make you change the name or the extension unless you want to, and with our website tools, you can customize everything inside the site the moment it gets transferred without losing uptime