Free cPanel Hosting

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cPanel enables you to manage your web hosting account. Having a free cPanel Hosting offers a comfortable way for website owners to have complete control of their web server without having to install or learn advanced software. Having a cPanel hosting also has many benefits such as the use of applications like WordPress, phpBB, Joomla and Drupal which allow users with limited technical knowledge create or maintain websites easily.

You’ll never have to worry about downtime again because we monitor our servers 24/7/365 for any issues that may arise. If something does happen, we’ll fix it right away so you don’t lose any data or customers! We also provide free SSL certificates for all of our users at absolutely no cost – which means more people trust your site and more sales come in! Don’t wait another minute – sign up today and start experiencing the difference yourself!

You can start building your website right away with our easy-to-use control panel. It includes everything you need to get started – including free templates, site builders, email accounts and more! And if that wasn’t enough, all of this comes at an unbeatable price point. Why pay more when you don’t have to? Join us today!


Why use cPanel Hosting?

cPanel is a popular control panel for website owners, it allows the usage of apps in one click installs. We will briefly go over some of the most popular features if you decide to host your new website with our free cPanel hosting service.

Manage all your files with a few clicks


cPanel permits you to upload and edit your website files with a few clicks of the mouse. By using Cpanel, all changes will reflect in real time without having to wait for an update from the hosting provider servers.

Create server backups


cPanel permits users to create automated daily or weekly backups that can be stored on their own computer or restored when needed.

Create email accounts quickly and easily


With cPanel, users can create their own emails without having to learn advanced software or rely on other websites for this service. Whether you need multiple accounts or just one single account, all it takes is a few clicks of the mouse and our free hosting will automatically provide an online interface where you can create your email addresses.

mySQL databases management


cPanel provides an interface through which you can easily and quickly configure your data base. Create backups of the database with a simple click of button On cPanel, users can create automated daily or weekly backups that will be stored on their own computer. This is very helpful when it comes to restoring files or databases if they become corrupted at any given moment.


Cpanel provides an easy way to monitor the activity of your server and its processes in real time. The user can check all important information like bandwidth, CPU usage, visitors and much more from a quick glance at one screen. This allows users to keep track of their servers’ performance without having to log into advanced or unreliable add ons.


cPanel offers a number of security options to ensure your web hosting account is safe. The user can easily lock/unlock their cPanel with just one click, reset passwords or block specific IPs. All this happens from the comfort of an online interface that provides complete control over website files and processes without having to change any settings on the server itself.

Free cPanel hosting service

Our free hosting service offer a cPanel to all our users. This way, you can take control of your website files and processes without worrying about downtime or slow speeds which are common with shared hosting providers.

Our free web hosting offers unlimited disk space for all your files, emails and databases. This is very helpful when you need to upload large amounts of data or store an entire website with images and media content on our servers.

This is very important if you are looking to have thousands of visitors per day on your website. Our free web hosting offers unlimited bandwidth to all users so you can rest assure that no matter how much traffic you receive, the site will stay online and running smoothly at all times.

With our free hosting service, you can create as many new email accounts as you want for your personal or professional use. This is great if you plan on using a single website to handle multiple domains and maintain different contacts with customers from all over the world.

Cpanel permits users to host unlimited number of subdomains with their main website. This is very helpful when you need to manage multiple accounts from a single location without having to log in and out of several different websites each time you want to change something on your account page.

Our free web hosting service allows users to create as many ftp accounts as they want. This is great if you wish to host multiple domain names on one website or use several email addresses for different purposes like sales and support.

On Cpanel, users can easily create their own mySQL databases with just a few clicks of the mouse and no technical knowledge required. With this feature, you can store important information like product catalogs, customer records and much more in a safe place for easy access from anywhere on the web.

Whether you want to get the softaculous script installer, WordPress or simply host an HTML site. The control panel has everything you need to get the best free hosting service with disk space unlimited, website builder and free subdomain features.

We offer more than free hosting services, our hosting package also offers encrypt ssl certificate to ensure the safety of your website by using the best free web hosting provider on the internet.

Get your project started with our free hosting service

We offer all you need to get your project started with a free website builder, unmetered disk space and bandwidth. Our servers are optimized to run every application that you need without hidden fees, forced advertisements or complicated tools.

Great for small businesses

Get your idea online with our free hosting service. cPanel offers a free website builder, unlimited bandwidth and disk space to get started with your project in no time at all and with limited knowledge on web design.

Ddos protection


Our free hosting service offer protection against DDOS attacks with unlimited bandwidth and disk space to ensure your website is always online. Reduce unexpected using our free web hosting services.

Free forever


Do not worry about renewing your websites every once in a while. It does not matter if you one one or two websites running. We ensure the continuity of the service until you decide to remove it.

Free domain


Our free website hosting also offers the possibility of getting a free domain. this is very important as you will need it to become part of the world wide web. We know how important it is to have your very own domain name, we have covered this aspect so you do not need more than an account with us to get it.

Dedicated servers


Most of the paid hosting providers often use shared hosting, this can get your website slow and inefficient, as a web hosting service provider we make sure every customer gets a dedicated server and IP to ensure the fastest speed on their website.