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With our Free Membership you can get a variety of Free Domains for free such as .com .net .org any many others. All Free Domains come with WhoisGuard, Premium DNS as well as Free Unlimited cPanel Hosting or you can just point them to your own DNS/Hosting settings through our amazing domain management software.

Have you ever wondered what a domain is? A domain is the website address that you type into your browser to get to any website on the internet. For example, or are both domains. Domains are important for many reasons, which we will discuss in this blog post! You can also get a free domain with us when you sign up for with us.


What are domain names?

Domain names are the websites that you type into your browser to get to any website on the internet. For example, or are both domains. This makes it easier to the user to access your website by not having to type an IP address.

Domains are important for many reasons but they allow you to create a professional image of yourself online and make it easier for people to search out what kind of website you have. This is the reason why Facebook has because it establishes them as a company but also lets users know exactly what they are getting themselves into when they type in your web address.

The three main top level domain extensions that people use for their websites are .com, .net, and .org. There are many other TLDs but these three are used the most because they make your domain much more professional looking when you want to create for example a business online.

How to choose your free domain name?


To get your desired domain you will need to keep some things in mind such as:

Domain extension


It is important to decide your domain extension before you pick your domain name. This is because the extension will help people find out what kind of website you have and it also makes guide people about the type of website you are running, the geographical location for your prospective customers.



Before you get your new domain you also need to check it is available for usage. Our domain name registration will take of that so you can get the desired domain name for your business. Keep in mind an existing domain name will not be possible but you can get it by a totally different process.

Domain registar


Luckily for you our free domain registration will take care of your custom domain in every step on the process. We will register and send all the details via email account to the profile you have set with up.

Registration period


Our free domain name registrar allows you have your domain for your professional business or personal domain for as long as you want. This is one of the extra features we offer to our users.

What you need to know about our free domains

We are more than a free domain registrar, we also offer all the tools you need to get that website you always wanted at a low cost (in fact for free). Save money and get your online business started.


Get your website up and running quickly with our web hosting plans. With us you can get a free domain name, instant setup, easy to use cPanel included at no cost! All under one roof so we will take care of all the heavy lifting for you.


We also offer an email business name for your projects, if you are unsure about your website’s address going online, you can still get email to make your business look more professional.

We also keep your privacy and let you stay anonymous to the world. We will hide your identity so people cannot see or search for personal details about you, which makes starting up an online business easier than ever before.

If you already own a domain, you can transfer it for free as a registered user. Our experts will make sure your business or memorable domain is safe with us.


Our hosting plan also offer the possibility of installing WordPress in under 5 minutes. Web host is another key factor to get your website online and a website builder such as WordPress can speed up the process to get your site up and running.


Our website offers a very user friendly experience, with your free account you can manage DNS, website status and transfers. This feature became available upon request of our customers.

Truly free domains

When you sign up for one of our accounts you not only get a free domain but a complete platform to get a professional business website for all purposes with site builders such as WordPress you can get that program going with the best hosting and the best free domain on the internet.
Get started today with the project you have always dreaming without spending a single penny. This service is available to anyone around the world for free. This is your best bet to start that new dreams.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

We offer the registration of every possible TLD online, this list includes the most popular ones. However you can get one you like upon availabilty:

  • Free .com domain
  • Free .net domain
  • Free .org domain (Mostly for Non profit organizations)
  • Free .ca domain
  • Free .us domain
  • Free .co domain
  • Free. .uk domain
  • Free .de domain
  • Free .fm domain
  • Free .tv domain

The list goes on as more new domain name extensions are created due to an increase demand on these type of services.

To get your free domain all you have to do is register on our website. Once the registration is active you will have access to a free domain and hosting to get your online business or project started.

Yes, website hosting along free domain name are included as we have stated several times on this article. Only one account is needed to get both services, a site builder (wordpress) is also included.

Every step of the process is handled by an expert team which manages all the domain registration for your free domain along with the creation of DNS details to get small businesses and individuals up and running in seconds.