Free Windows RDP Server Germany

Log in from anywhere to your customized server, take full advantage of this RDP, and take advantage of all the features of that second screen without having to worry about storage or lag. MyHostingLive is the best option in terms of optimization, reliability, and security for this free Windows RDP Germany private server!

We take our members’ necessities very seriously, and we understand that having a stable private server is critical in some situations. That’s why we offer not only the possibility to connect to a remote server over a network but also many other options so you can have all the benefits this site has. So, let’s start and discover together what MHL has for you!

What is a Free RDP Server used for?

In most situations, it is used for remote work or troubleshooting, as the users can replicate errors and troubleshoot them on the server as a safe environment, but is also used to store documents, connect to meetings, or just run heavy programs. This was a remote desktop protocol developed by Microsoft to create a secure connection between two ends: your computer and a dedicated remote server for your use. 

A Germany RDP allows total control over the remote desktop connection since it comes with full admin access, so the client can easily access the server from anywhere around the globe. It can sometimes be confused with a Windows VPS as it is also a virtual private server; however, in this case, the user can still edit and extract files from the second computer and establish a connection instead of just monitoring the virtual server. 

What can I do with a German RDP?

Besides work-related stuff, you can also use it for personal use, like navigating the internet, playing games, communicating with your family, or having a server with all its resources available for emergencies. With our German RDP, you won’t have any latency and will be able to access it at any time since it will be running on almost any Windows operating system and other OS like Linux and Mac

Is MyHostingLive a Secure Remote Desktop Protocol?

Yes! We are constantly improving our encryption protocols, security databases, and data centers so one can access user information, RDP details, or any cyberattack. Our SSL protection is always enabled, and the moment we notice something weird, every server will receive a notification so you can be aware of everything on your side so you can close the desktop environment. 

Free Windows RDP Germany: What is a Remote Desktop Service or RDP Server?

The differences between the remote desktop and the Windows RDP services are very small since both of them will still provide remote access but one is to a second PC while the other is to a virtual server hosted by MHL. One will just let you manage the PC remotely, while the other will let you make whatever changes you want to your personal server in no time without ever touching the physical machine and just with the graphical interface. 

Using a remote desktop can be helpful if you constantly move around but still need to monitor something inside your home or at work. If you also want to feel like you are still there or access the data that is inside of it with remote desktop software, getting a German RDP with admin access is the best option. And for that, MHL is ready to be the best remote desktop server you could ever have. 

How much time does it take to Set Up the Server?

It takes little time, as we provide all our users with an instant setup the moment they launch the software. All they have to do is log in with the admin credentials, and from there, it will be running until you close the program or there’s unauthorized access, which is unlikely, thanks to our early detection system. However, we also want to protect your safety and personal information at all costs. 

Do all the Troubleshooting and Maintenance that you need with this Windows Server!

MHL Windows RDP Server will let you access and control any other server and company PC without so much hassle. If you are part of the IT department, this tool will help you overcome almost any crisis with its unlimited number of connections, OS, RAM, SSD, CPU and SSD Storage power to make everything run like nothing ever happened. 

Get your Own Dedicated Server with Admin Access with this German RDP

Besides getting full access, we have a server hosting with an uptime of 99.8% of the time, full root access, a dedicated IP, a powerful connection, and more than 11 control centers available, so there’s no lag, dropdowns, or leaks and these centers are fully dedicated to Germany. If you run into any issues or need help configuring something, remember that there are many video tutorials available, or contact our support team for assistance. 

After you register on the website, go to the top of the screen, and on “Services,” select “Free RDP Windows,” then select your server (Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows Server 2012, Windows 7, etc.). After that, pick your server location in Germany and choose the specs of your Windows OS. The last thing you will need to do is install the RDP client and follow the instructions to manage it. 

Discover the Best German RDP Plans Here!

The moment you become a member, you will get all the RDP details right away. You will also have unlimited bandwidth and free remote access to any server with administrator access of your choice. Our Germany RDP plans will be available to all members who register for the first time or those who already have an account with us. Don’t hesitate any more and sign up to discover other advantages and benefits we have created for you!

Is the Windows Germany RDP Service a Paid App?

Instead of looking for plans you can’t afford or buying cheap German RDP services that might not work as intended, install our software immediately and enjoy all our free benefits; we are a full-fledged RDP service without hidden charges or monthly payments. There’s no need to get a free trial with us or provide your credit card information, PayPal, or bank account, as everything will be free to use. 

MHL RDP provides all the tools and configurations for free, so everyone can have their own almost personalized computer or server, with many resources available and ready to be used. If you move to another country, don’t worry; you can still use this admin RDP at any time or even change the location if you need to and still maintain all the data and storage. 

Get Free RDP Hosting for a Lifetime!

Your membership will never expire, and since we have a no-limits policy, you can use this service as long as you want. We have been active for ten years and have never had issues with our members regarding the connection or the uptime. Even if you don’t access the server anymore, as soon as you log in with your credentials on the client software, everything will be up and running again. 

Have Unlimited Bandwidth on your RDP with Admin Access

We also have powerful hosting servers to provide all the bandwidth your RDP needs, so it doesn’t matter how many connections you have or what screen you want to see; it will not lag or steal resources for those machines, as our internal servers will handle everything and we want to offer a good remote desktop experience. Enjoy full speed and connection with MHL like you are just beside your main PC now!