Free Minecraft Hosting

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Minecraft is a game where players can explore, create and survive all in one game. If you want to use this game you will most likely need a game server.


What is a minecraft server?

A minecraft server is a hosted game where players can join and play with other people. You will certainly need a minecraft server hosting to have a better experience.

It is essential that you have a minecraft hosting so other people can join your world or if you want to join someone else’s world it will be easier because servers protect from ddos attacks, allow mod installation and many other interesting things.

When you have a minecraft server will have a better experience. Our servers are very fast and offer security measures to keep the game always running smooth even when there are many players online. We highly recommend having your own minecraft server hosting if you wish to create a new world, play with mods, play with friends or have more players around you.

This is a hard questions as there are many minecraft versions and some users are looking for a very different experience. Some want a minecraft rpg server and others want a low latency server to play with friends. Its fair to say our Free Minecraft Servers are the best in the industry!

Our free Minecraft servers hosting

Thanks to our advanced data centers we are able to offer the best minecraft servers with control panel and easy access for those interested in install modpacks or add plugins to their servers.

Automatic backups


Enjoy unlimited automatic backups of your server free of charge. We support up to 3 backups on your server per week to ensure the best quality.

Where are the Free Minecraft Servers hosted?


Our free minecraft server service allow users to have full control, custom mods, craft ip and just a few clicks. We use a very advanced ftp access on a reliable server in the USA, Canada, Germany and the UK and many more locations.

Quicker loading


Our free minecraft hosting allows you to have faster loading times thanks to our fast connection and unlimited minecraft server bandwidth. every new server contains fast hosting, unlimited slots and ddos protection by default on your free minecraft server.

Minecraft skyblock


If you wish to play minecraft skyblock simply choose on the variety of game servers we offer when installing your free minecraft server with us. Make sure to add your wished plugins for your games when setting up the hosting.

Minecraft survival server


To ensure we have the best minecraft servers we have created the option to get the survival server as part of making sure we are the best minecraft server on the internet. Make sure to choose the right world and maps on the network before creating your server hosting.

Faction servers


Faction servers are the most popular of all the minecraft servers. You can choose your faction and go to war with other players, raid their bases and even have your own home base where you can sleep, build, create items and more.

Multicraft control panel


If you are looking for some specific servers or mini games within your minecraft server hosting you can install a plugin such as Multicraft.

Dedicated IP


When using free minecraft hosting we provide a free dedicated ip with your server to ensure you can get the best possible experience.

Automatic updates


Enjoy automatic updating and patching of Minecraft servers free of charge so that new patches are applied automatically without interruptions or downtime on your server. You’ll never have to worry about having your vey own minecraft server hosting down or dealing with complex commands to apply updates again.

Updated server version files


We update the free minecraft server version files so that you can enjoy the best free minecraft hosting and have access to play on a new released free Minecraft Server.

Choose the best minecraft hosting plan


We are flexible and have free minecraft hosting plans. Simply connect to the games you want and enjoy a good game with friends.

FTP access


If you are into technical aspects, free minecraft hosting also provide an ftp access to allow you total control on your free server. Simply use a ftp client and connect with the information provided when creating your free account, then login into the panel from which you can install java or any plugin of your choice.

Enjoy the best support

When you get one of the game server we offer the best support of any free server host on the internet. We have a knowledge base which contains tutorials and guides to help you get started with your free Minecraft Server quickly, as well as an active discussion forum where users of our free service can ask questions and share their experiences.