MHL’s Web Service: Best Free Hosting cPanel for Windows 11

Check this article to explore with us the principal reasons that make MyHostingLive the best free cPanel on the internet for you to manage your website like a pro (available for all Windows versions including Windows 11).

MyHostingLive counts on a user-friendly interface and over-the-top features for all small business owners or aspiring bloggers that want to start their online journey while saving a lot of money, get to know the best of all hosting companies on the internet, and try MyHostingLive’s free hosting cPanel now!

What is a Web Host cPanel?

What is a Web Host cPanel?
What is a Web Host cPanel?

A website host cPanel is an online control panel that helps you monitor and control multiple factors of your website hosting, this cPanel gives you full control over your domain and allows you to customize it so that your domain fits your needs and preferences.

What you get with MyHostingLive as your hosting provider is kind of a central hub that not only allows you to perform tasks like creating and managing email accounts but also to set up domains, manage files, install applications, and much more!

You can think of this cPanel web hosting as a user-friendly interface that simplifies website management, even if you don’t have advanced technical skills (which you don’t need at all). With us, you will be able to easily navigate through different features and settings, making it easier for you to perform website-related activities.

What would I need a Free web Hosting Provider for?

MyHostingLive as your web cPanel hosting provider you will get a comprehensive hosting solution with not only such a great and user-friendly control panel, but also pretty useful website management tools, email management capabilities, security features, automated backups, and 24/7/365 technical support, among other benefits and incredible hosting features. 

We as your hosting provider want to make sure you gain access to a powerful control panel that allows you to have full control over your domain and subdomains! MyHostingLive’s cPanel user interface provides intuitive tools, that make it easy for you to navigate and manage different aspects of your hosting account (it is designed to be very instinctive so that it is easy to use for beginners).

What other services come with MyHostingLive’s Web Hosting Plan?

What other services come with MyHostingLive's Web Hosting Plan?
What other services come with MyHostingLive’s Web Hosting Plan?

When you create your cPanel hosting account, the completely free cPanel web hosting is not the only service that you create! There are other online tools that we have ready for you to use and that complement our cPanel software, making us one of the best providers in the web hosting industry.

Free Windows RDP with Unlimited Disk Space

MyHostingLive’s Windows RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) is a technology developed so that you can get connected to a remote Windows server and control it from another device like your personal computer, laptop, or smartphone. 

This RDP private server enables you to access and interact with the remote computer’s desktop and apps as if you were sitting directly in front of it. It counts with features like unlimited storage, PHP, and MySQL among more, and you can get it with your free cPanel account!

Free Domains with Unlimited Subdomains and Free Domain Name Creation

Having a domain for your business is incredibly important as it enhances your professional image, strengthens your branding efforts, improves online visibility, and also gives you control and flexibility over your online presence.

Now, the creation of this valuable asset for establishing your business’s online identity and connecting with your target audience effectively can be very expensive (even more if you want to establish your own domain name). However, with MyHostingLive, you have the opportunity to register your domain name and manage your website with our cPanel (control panel) at no cost and elevate your business website to a new level!

Is MHL’s Free Web Hosting Service Available Worldwide?

Is MHL's Free Web Hosting Service Available Worldwide?
Is MHL’s Free Web Hosting Service Available Worldwide?

Yes! This is one of the greatest advantages that make our free unlimited web hosting service unique, we can proudly tell you that this service is available worldwide and you can access it from anywhere as long as your device has an internet connection.

Is it Safe to use this Free Hosting Provider Service?

You can rest assured that all the free website hosting services that MyHostingLive offers are completely safe to use for you and your business.

We count on several safety-protection measures including free SSL certificates — which play a crucial role in securing communication between our website and its visitors as they provide encryption to secure data transmission — so you can rest assured the information on your cPanel web hosting account is completely safe.

Can I use MyHostingLive’s Free cPanel Hosting Package Forever?

We have really good news for you: all our free web hosting services are free forever! Once you create your account with us, it doesn’t really expire to get canceled by us, it can only be deleted if you want it to be so (this also applies to all your domains or subdomains, and services that you get from us).

How to start using the MHL’s Free Hosting cPanel Now

How to start using the MHL's Free Hosting cPanel Now
How to start using the MHL’s Free Hosting cPanel Now

Let’s check how you can enroll with us and get your cPanel with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited FTP accounts, apps like phpBB and WordPress, and much more!

Step by Step to get a Free Website Builder 

  1. To access MyHostingLive’s free cPanel web hosting services, you will need to create an account with us! To do so, the very first thing you will need to do is to visit (which is our official website) and click on “Become a Member”.
  2. Follow the instructions to complete the authentication process and set up your username & password to start managing your hosting account.
  3. Log into your account and go to the “Services” tab, in there you’ll see the RDP server option, the free cPanel software, and all the other tools available for you.
  4. Select the web hosting control panel and download it.
  5. Set up and customize your cPanel and start managing your website for free!

Enroll now and get ready to discover the best free hosting cPanel option that is now available for the latest Windows operating system and empowers you to create, manage, and grow your website efficiently. What are you waiting for?

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