Free RDP VPS, which one should you choose?

Free RDP VPS, which one should you choose?

The RDP and VPS servers are really useful to all the users who frequently use their computers and store so much information. Typically, people tend to mix these terms or even don’t know what they stand for or get confused about which virtual network computing should choose. Today we will clarify the difference between these hosting servers, their main characteristics, which one you should use according to the use you want to give it, and the method to get a free RDP server. Keep tuned, we will start right now.

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

Let’s start talking about the Remote Desktop Protocols, RDPs is a protocol developed by Microsoft to create a remote, as its name mention, a remote desktop that you can use as if it were a physical desktop, this type of server allows you to store your data, running programs, and basically do everything you could do with a normal desktop. An important point is that these servers run a Windows version which you can choose when creating a server. Let’s check some of the advantages of using a Windows RDP server.

Benefits of RDP servers

  • Connect from any computer or device, you can access your private RDP server from multiple platforms such as android, iOS, Mac, Linux, and Windows, all you need is the IP and details from your server and you will be connected everywhere.
  • You can create multiple users, this is an advantage if you use the server for work issues, your team can share the same server and store the information there, which is especially useful if you need to access the database of your enterprise.
  • The low cost makes RDP a tentative option if you need a remote server, with a price that reaches 2$ per month is more affordable than other services.
  • Easy to use, you can use your private server without being a professional, it’s as easy as paying for your server, setting it up, logging in with your credentials, and starting to use it.
  • 100% private, if you want to give it a more personal usage you can be confident that no one else will access your server at least you allow them to use it.

Virtual Private Server (VPS hosting)

Virtual Private Server (VPS hosting)

On the other hand, we have the VPS or Virtual Private Servers, this type of server is similar to the RDP server, nevertheless, it has important differences, VPS hosting is one of many types of web hosting accounts you can choose to host your website online or create your server for games, creating backups, and so much more, the versatility of a VPS server is a great advantage, and talking about advantages let’s check some of the main benefits of using a VPS server.

Benefits of VPS servers

  • You are not attached to one operating system, you can set any custom OS on your VPS server and use it in the way you want, instead of RDP which only allows you to use a Windows version.
  • When using a VPS you have a dedicated IP, you can use it to connect from your device.
  • A VPS gives you the freedom to use it in the way you need, you can use it even to set up a VoIP server, game server, or data center, the possibilities are practically unlimited.
  • You can set any software on your server, it has its own resources to be used and it doesn’t use your RAM, CPU, bandwidth, or storage, when you pay for a VPS server you have the same benefits as a dedicated server yet using and paying for the resources you need to use.

Which cloud server is better?

Which cloud server is better?

This entirely depends on your necessities, both are great options but one of them could be more useful for you than the other, let’s put a balance between both hosting services, first, we have RDP servers, these servers are simpler and easy to use, you don’t need high acknowledge in informatics to set up this kind of server, which makes it a good alternative for personal usage. Instead, VPS is more apt to receive modifications thanks to their root access, you can set a server in the way you need and this is a great advantage if you want to use it in your business to share files with your customers, which usually are more efficient if you want to develop a big project, according to the volume of your project you can dispose of the resources.

Now we are going to compare the prices of these two hosting services, VPS has more features and a wider usage, which means their cost is also high, even with the possibility of paying for the resources you need, the base price starts from around $100 per month. Second, we have RDP servers, which are more limited and easy to use, this helps their price, as we mentioned above, you can get a server with a price as low as $2 per month. This is an important differential factor.

How to get a free server?

Is there any possibility to get these servers completely free? Well, it depends on the server you want, as you can notice the VPS servers could be expensive for an independent user, besides, thanks to all the features it offers its impossible to get this service for free, some websites commonly offer you free VPS trial for one or two months, that’s all. With RDP services are different, you can get it for affordable pricing or even free on some pages but you need to assure you are not receiving a trial period or limited service.

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