Free net domains, is it good for you?

Free net domains, is it good for you?

The net domain is one of the most popular domains on the whole internet, several websites choose this extension instead of the most common domain such as .com, or .org for one good reason. Own domain name is a great idea to start your business, giving you more visibility than your competence and improving the identity of your site. It’s important to define who you are on the web and create an important differentiation and a net domain is a good way to do it. Nevertheless, everybody knows domain name registration is not free and sometimes it could be really expensive, there are so many websites that would help you with the registration yet it could be not free at all and just give you trial periods. Today we will tell you about the best option to get a free net domain with MyHostingLive within minutes, would you like to know how? This blog has the answer.

What is a .net domain?

What is a .net domain?

A net domain is one of the principal top-level domains on the web such as .com, net, org, gov, etc. Every domain extension has its own purpose and in most cases, defines the type of site you are visiting or planning to have, for example, gov domains are commonly used for gubernatorial entities, and org are directed to organizations or big enterprises. In this case, the net domain is used by networking companies or online businesses. The .net domain is really versatile since it’s used by small and big sites, plus is the second most popular extension, it’s often used as an alternative when the .com name is already used for another page.

How to get a free domain .net

There Are many ways to get free domains, the traditional way to get your domain is buying one from an official site but this could be really expensive and you could get attached to monthly fees in the worst case. Another option is trying to get one from a page on the internet, there are many pages on the internet that could provide you a better price or even free domains, however, most of them are not completely free or have a limitation in the usage you can give them, you need to take care because if you get one of these kinds of services you could lose your website once you stopped using their services or until you pay their fees and prices limiting you and your business, fortunately, you have a reliable provider to get your free domain, MyHostingLive.

Is it important to have a domain name?

Is it important to have a domain name?

If you are focusing on digital commerce then it is a must, the importance of a domain name is bigger than you can imagine. Easily, you could create an online business through social media or perhaps already have a website but, is it working? The majority of successful businesses on the internet have a differential domain name, just take a look at the most popular .net page worldwide. Having a domain name helps you to define the audience you want to aim at and helps your audience to identify your business and your services easily among other sites with a similar name.

MyHostingLive: Free domains within minutes

MyHostingLive: Free domains within minutes

You can get a free domain name with us as easy as reading this post, the steps to get your free net domain are the following:

  • From any browser or device visit the official MyHostingLive website, you can do it by clicking the button above.
  • Once there, you will find a small form to fill out, the details you need to provide are: select a domain extension and select your domain name.
  • Mark the field “I Will Create a Free Account to Access the Service”
  • Click on the “Get started” button.

After it, you just need to get a free membership with us, the process is completely free, and with your account, you will have total access to our services including free domains for a lifetime, we only ask for this account to provide you with your free net domain, no hidden fees or trial periods.

Free domain registration with MyHostingLive

Free domain registration with MyHostingLive

Using the services of MyHostingLive to get your free domain is very useful and is an advantage, with our services you will have some perks as the followings:

Domain name

You don’t have limitations in choosing any domain name you wish, once you make your registration we check the availability of this name, remember you can’t use an existing name so you need to keep it in mind. You can feel confident since we make all the registration for you, you just need to wait and we will set up your domain ready to be used.

Lifetime domain

You don’t need to worry about losing your domains name, our free domain name registrar allows you to have your domain for your professional business or personal domain for as long as you want, there’s no limitation on time or usage of your .net domain, this is one of the special benefits you have by using our services.

Tools to set up your website

We provide all our users with the necessary tools to carry out the setup of your page, we provide you with instant setup, easy-to-use cPanel included at no cost, and even our team of experts will advise you with the setup, you don’t need to be an expert to have a functional and well-built page.

Privacy Protection

We emphasize the privacy of all our customers, your identity will not be compromised, and people will not see any personal details of you so you can manage your site and remain anonymous. We also offer an email business name for your projects, if you are unsure about your website’s address going online, you can still get an email to make your business look more professional.

These are just some of the reasons why having a free net domain with MyHostingLive is a good idea, visit today our official website and get your domain at non-cost. If you have any questions or inquiries about our services or procedures don’t hesitate to contact us, our customer service is available 24/7 and will be happy to help you.

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