Get a free Minecraft server hosting unlimited plugins

Get a free Minecraft server hosting unlimited plugins

Minecraft is a sandbox game in which you can basically have tons of fun and hours of adventures, enjoyable for children and adults. Minecraft is, for excellence, the game to construct limitless, and thousands of people play it every day. By itself, Minecraft is an entertaining game but one of its most exciting features is the possibility of playing it with friends remotely sharing the same world. Would you like to have a private server completely free to play with your friends? If the answer is yes then let’s start.

What is a Minecraft server?

What is a Minecraft server?

Minecraft servers are a useful tool to improve your experience in the game, indeed this is the only way to play in multiplayer mode and access several features. You can access a server if you are online, your IP address works as a private server when you play, however, to play with friends all should be connected to the same network. The solution to this is server hosting, all your data and your worlds are saved in the cloud, and all your friends could connect to the same world or game mode remotely. Some of the main usages for Minecraft servers are:

  • Survival: These servers are exclusively designed for usage in survival mode. They are comparable to anarchy servers, with the exception that regulations are typically in place and often forbid exploitation and grieving.
  • Creative: These servers only operate in the Creative mode. Servers typically grant players Creative but restrict the objects they may access and/or the size of the plot. Usually, this is done to avoid ruining other players’ stories and causing a lot of lag spikes.
  • Mini-games: These servers offer a variety of minigames, including Capture the Flag, parkour, role play, etc.
  • Faction: Similar to Survival servers in idea, but with claims used to designate land as “yours.” On “your” territory, untrusted players won’t be able to construct anything.

Why have a Minecraft server

Why have a Minecraft server

Minecraft servers are similar to other game servers, where you can store all your progress and in-game data, and there you can install mods and a bunch of mini-games to play with your friends or even solo, the limit is your imagination. Some of the most popular servers among Minecraft players are:

  • Sky wars.
  • Skyblocks.
  • Parkour.
  • Death Run.
  • Build wars.

Servers in Minecraft have a huge variety of game modes and usages, you can also have your server play in a traditional way like survival, creative, or hardcore. The servers in Minecraft open a world of possibilities to play solo or with friends, or even meet new people and spend hours of entertainment.

Can I get a free Minecraft server?

Can I get a free Minecraft server?

Of course yes, commonly, you need to pay for Minecraft servers, you need to cover a monthly fee that allows you to use a private server with a limit of people, the alternative if you can’t pay for a private server is getting one free from an internet page or provider but usually, the latency is not as good as we would wish and finally, it’s unplayable. Nonetheless, it’s possible to have a fast and reliable server and this solution is called MyHostingLive.

What is MyHostingLive?

MyHostingLive is a company in charge of providing hosting services, we provide a fast, affordable, and reliable service to everybody, our philosophy is to be an alternative completely free providing hosting services such as Minecraft hosting, windows RDP, cPanel hosting, and free domains, the quality of services is our business card.

Why use MyHostingLive to get my free server?

Why use MyHostingLive to get my free server?

There are many reasons to choose MyHostingLive as your server hosting provider, let’s name some of the reasons:

  • Enjoy unlimited automatic backups of your server free of charge. We support up to 3 backups on your server per week to ensure the best quality.
  • Unlimited server bandwidth, load your game fast, and every new server contains fast hosting, unlimited slots, and DDoS protection by default on your free Minecraft server.
  • Our servers update automatically, you don’t need to worry about interruptions while playing or methods to update your server, we update our servers constantly and free of charge to give you the best experience.
  • Freely modify your server with unlimited plugins, you can set any complement, mod, or add-ons on your server and we give you the freedom to do it.

There are some of the reasons to choose us, besides, our services are completely free, you don’t need to worry about hidden fees or hosting plans, and our hosting services are free forever as long as you have your account with us.

MyHostingLive: Guide to getting my server

The process to get a personal Minecraft server is really easy, you don’t need special requirements or high specs on your device, and we don’t ask for personal information, everybody can access our services. First, visit our official website, you can do it by clicking the button below:

This button will take you to the main page, once you are on our page you will find a field where you need to choose the Minecraft hosting you want, we have available the following hosts: 

  • Fast Minecraft Hosting Dallas.
  • Fast Minecraft Hosting New York.
  • Fast Minecraft Hosting Los Angeles.
  • Fast Minecraft Hosting Toronto.
  • Fast Minecraft Hosting Amsterdam. 
  • Fast Minecraft Hosting Hong Kong.
  • Fast Minecraft Hosting Sao Paulo.

Remember that whichever hosting you choose is a high-quality host, fast and reliable, all our services are guaranteed. The second step is to mark the box “I Will Create a Free Account to Access the Service” and click on Get started This is the only requirement we ask for in all the procedures, creating your account doesn’t take more than some minutes, and is free of cost.

That’s all, now you are ready to set up your Minecraft server in the way you wish, install mods, play Skywars, and fully customize your server, remember to make sure to add your wished plugins for your games when setting up the hosting. If you have any inquiries or questions about our hosting services you can get in touch with us through our customer service, it is available 24/7/365 and we will solve all your doubts as soon as possible.

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