Free RDP server lifetime

Remote desktop protocol (RDP) is a proprietary protocol developed by Microsoft. It provides an encrypted, full-screen, interactive connection to one computer from another over the Internet or other network. Get your Free RDP server lifetime with us at MyHostingLive.

How does RDP server works?

How does RDP works?
How does RDP works?

RDP works as a service on the Windows operating system. When you install it, some services are added to your computer and they start running in the background.

The best advantages of using RDP servers:

  • Accessing remote machines from anywhere;
  • High performance provided by TCP protocol;
  • Security with encrypted communication channels (TLS/SSL);
  • Customizable connection details;
  • Ability to save and reuse user credentials.

RDP servers are great for centralized management, allowing administrators the ability to manage users’ sessions from one central location (rather than logging in separately on each workstation). It’s also a good way of providing remote access when you’re not home or traveling.

Can you get free RDP server lifetime

Free RDP server lifetime
Get free RDP server

Yes, here at my hosting live we offer free rdp server lifetime by creating an account with us. RDP server is great for remote access and it’s really easy to use. You can even get free rdp server with lots of customization.

Customization on your free rdp server lifetime

We offer a variety of Windows versions to choose from when creating your free rdp server with us, the list includes:

The list goes on but the main ones are the ones listed above, you can also choose from a handful of locations to make your connection faster due to lag:

  • USA Free RDP server
  • Canada Free RDP server
  • UK Free RDP server
  • Germany Free RDP server
  • Poland Free RDP server
  • Turkey Free RDP server
  • Argentina Free RDP server

Unlimited bandwidth with your free rdp server

Enjoy more freedom with our free rdp server, we know you need the bandwidth to make sure your session is going smoothly and without lag. We offer unlimited bandwidth that will guarantee a smooth connection every time!

You can also create as many sessions as you want on one of our free RDP servers for life due to its lifetime access policy.

How to get your free RDP server lifetime?

With my hosting live you can get access to a free RDP server lifetime, to get started you simply need to sign up for an account with us. Keep in mind these accounts are almost free and you are only required to verify yourself to prevent the overuse of the service by few individuals.

Click the link below to set up your free rdp server and then complete the steps required to sign up.

Keep in mind you are required to verify your account using a third party service which allows us to verify your identify. You will only be asked to enter a working email along with name and some other details.

Frequent asked questions about free rdp server

Frequent Questions
Frequent Questions

Is it safe to use my hosting live?

Yes, it is completely safe to use our free rdp server, we have a dedicated team who constantly monitor the activity of users on our servers. We also add tools that will detect if anyone abuses the service and you can rest assure they won’t be able to get in when this happens!

Can I create an account for just my friends?

Yes, we offer free rdp server for each individual and you can invite friends to join or create the account for them. Remember you still need to verify each account.

Are the RDP servers allowed in my country?

Yes, our service is available worldwide, we recommend to choose the nearest location to you to get a better experience in terms of speed.

Is it really lifetime?

Yes, you do not need to worry about expired rdp servers. We work hard to provide the best rdp servers on internet. Simply choose lifetime on the setting while creating your very own and dedicated free rdp server.

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