Get free reseller hosting with cPanel and WHM

Get free reseller hosting with cPanel and WHM

Get free reseller hosting with cPanel and WHM, look no further! In this post, we will show you how to get free server administration with one of the best tools out there. cPanel and WHM are two of the most popular tools for server administration, and they offer a wealth of features that can make your life easier. With these tools, you can manage domains, create email accounts, organize your web files, and more.

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A web server is the backbone of a website. It is responsible for serving all the pages, images, and files that make up your site. To have a successful website, you need to have a good web server. And one of the best web servers on the market today is cPanel WHM. cPanel WHM gives you total control over your server and the accounts, emails, and all the sensitive information you could manage in your website allowing you to manage it with ease. In this post, we are going to show you how to get free reseller hosting with cPanel WHM.

What is cPanel?


What is cPanel?

cPanel is short for Control Panel, this allows you to operate and administrate your hosting account, the server in that you store your data and information from your website, cPanel gives you the possibility of managing your web hosting accounts. A cPanel is an essential tool for the creation and management of websites, also, makes it much easier to host a website which, in joining with WHM give you the best performance and administrative control over all your websites, with it, you can develop all your sites easily, do your server administration, manage domains, create email accounts, organize your web files, and more.

How works a cPanel?

You need to find a web hosting company that offers free cPanel reseller hosting of course thanks this is a third-party application it won’t be cost-free, companies could give you a free trial yet after this time you need to start to pay, Once you’ve found a few companies that offer this service, it’s time to compare their plans and prices.

After getting the wished service you just need to log in to the server provided by the company, there are many ways to log in and it varies between providers, the most common is through your primer domain on your hosting account. you just need to log in with your user name and password and you will be able to check and edit all the information from the cPanel dashboard.

Having cPanel hosting is an advantage when developing your websites with the use of applications like:

  • WordPress.
  • PhpBB.
  • Joomla.
  • Drupal.
  • and more.

Which allows users with limited technical knowledge to create or maintain websites easily.

What is WHM?


What is WHM?

WHM is also known as WebHost Manager is a powerful tool that works hand-by-hand with cPanel to administrate your server and data in it, it gives you the ability to manage multiple websites from one central location. It’s very useful if you are a web hosting reseller because it allows you to create and manage your customers’ accounts easily. Productivity is one of the strong points of using a WHM, you can manage many cPanel at the same time, editing your cPanel accounts, monitoring your sites, updating your web files, even unifying your cPanel if you need to be able to process credit cards on your sites.

Why free reseller hosting with cPanel and WHM with MyHostingLive?

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Why become a reseller hosting?

Get free reseller hosting with cPanel and WHM

This is a good way to earn some money or start a business if you are a web designer or you know some about websites, this is a good opportunity to have some incoming every month. some of the advantages of becoming a reseller hosting are:

  • Low startup cost, you just need to pay for the service you use, a flat fee.
  • Generate some incoming, you can resell the server you are paying for for a higher price, giving to your clients some attractive features under your brand.
  • WHMCS, is short of a web host manager complete solution, is an awesome tool that allows you to manage signups, billing, and much more.

Advantages of using hosting with cPanel and WHM?

There are many benefits of using cPanel hosting such as:


  • With cPanel you have the possibility of administrating all your websites, the files, emails, security, domains, and everything from the dashboard, all in just one place. In addition, if you work together with WHM you could manage multiple cPanel accounts.


  • The users can create as many emails as they wish, and all this information is going to be perfectly stored, you have the possibility of setting daily or weekly backups on your desktop thus all is safe and you don’t need to worry about losing the important details from your customers.


  • If you are expecting to provide a service of quality then you need to focus on security, your clients are going to trust more in your services. you are working with important details from your customers and with these tools, you can even lead under confidentiality sensitive data such as credit cards and IP numbers, all this is going to be stored with the higher safe in your server.

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