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Did you know that MyHostingLive is the Best free modded server hosting provider and that it offers 100% free-of-charge servers to all users? Well, we’re very proud to tell you that we have been recognized as the best Minecraft hosting platform in 2024, so if you want to get to know us and the reasons why our service is so popular, keep reading this quick guide!

Key Benefits that you get with a Free Minecraft Server Hosting Plan

Key Benefits that you get with a Free Minecraft Server Hosting Plan
Benefits of our Free Modded Server Hosting Services

Our free Minecraft server hosting plans have significant advantages to ensure a smooth gaming experience, which by the way, are considered the best ones in 2024! All servers are optimized for speed, which guarantees seamless gameplay even with many players online, and are also protected by our security measures, which are in place to protect your game and to ensure a secure and uninterrupted gaming environment.

Also, we offer automated backups and full management of your server through a free multicraft control panel that simplifies server management, which makes our platform very user-friendly and easy to use while still giving full admin access. These features collectively enhance your gaming experience without cost and make our hosting plans the perfect choice for a seamless and enjoyable Minecraft experience perfect for you!

Minecraft Servers: a Game Changer for Multiplayer Mode

Playing Minecraft with friends becomes more enjoyable when using a free server hosting plan like the one offered by MyHostingLife because our service offers crucial benefits like uninterrupted gameplay and the ability to create a shared virtual space. With your dedicated server, you and your friends can collaborate on exciting projects —or create a new world from scratch—, explore vast landscapes, and engage in epic adventures together. 

Free Minecraft Server Hosting: Why does 24/7 Server Availability matter?

Free Minecraft Server Hosting: Why does 24/7 Server Availability matter?
Free Minecraft Server Hosting: Why does 24/7 Server Availability matter?

Having a Minecraft server available at all times is incredibly important for uninterrupted gaming enjoyment because that’s how you make sure you can open the Minecraft world whenever you want. This is so much better than for example, hosting your seed directly with Minecraft because they not only charge you monthly fees for having a private world but also only activate the world if its owner is connected.

This means that while with Minecraft the other players cannot get connected if you’re not playing, with MyHostingLive the world is available 24/7 and everyone gets to play at any time. In fact, this also happens when you store the game on your PC because the world only gets activated when you are connected, so as you see, MyHostingLive’s web hosting service is the best option for all the players to have permanent access to the server.

Is this Hosting Service really Free or is it a Free Trial?

Now, you might wonder if this hosting company is genuinely free or just a trial, but rest assured that our service is completely free, with no expiration dates or hidden charges. With MyHostingLive, gamers have the liberty to get their private server and install mods and/or plugins on it to enhance their Minecraft gaming experience, entirely free of charge; so join one of the most popular server providers in the Minecraft community and get a free server in minutes!

Choosing a Hosting Provider: Aspects to take into account

Choosing a Hosting Provider: Aspects to take into account
Choosing a Hosting Provider: Aspects to take into account

When picking a Minecraft hosting provider, it is important to consider factors like performance, ease of use, and support —among other aspects that should make the service align with your needs—. The great news is that in MyHostingLive, we have available premium features that enhance your gaming experience and offer the best alternative for beginners thanks to our user-friendly interphase, but that’s not all, for example:

Can Mods and Plugins be used on your Minecraft Server?

When choosing the best free Minecraft hosting provider for you, it’s important to ensure your they support mods and plugins for added customization. This feature allows you to personalize your gaming experience and explore a variety of enhancements, making your Minecraft world uniquely yours; and if you were wondering, that’s right, in MyHostingLive we do support mods and plugins on all free plans!

Does the Provider offer Low Latency Servers for Free?

Another key aspect to check is if the server provider offers low-latency servers without additional costs, which we do in MyHostingLive. This is important because low latency ensures minimal delays during gameplay, creating a smoother and more responsive gaming environment, and keeping your server running without interruptions. 

MyHostingLive Hosting Solution: #1 Minecraft Server Hosting Provider 

MyHostingLive Hosting Solution: #1 Minecraft Server Hosting Provider 
#1 Free Modded Server Hosting Provider

At MyHostingLive, we provide the best Minecraft server hosting solutions, with our premium Minecraft service, you can enjoy free MySQL databases, unlimited bandwidth, automatic updates, full-time access to your server status and settings, and much more! Also, getting started is a breeze because of our instant setup servers, which by the way, count with a multicraft control panel for you to have full control of your Minecraft game server; but that’s not all, if you ever need assistance, our 24/7 support is here to help you every step of the way as well!

MyHostingLive’s Safety Measures: DDoS Protection, Dedicated IP, and FTP access

Your safety is our priority at MyHostingLive, which is why we offer different security measures implemented for free in our platform and our users’ servers to guarantee a secure and reliable environment for your Minecraft server, allowing you to focus on the game without worries. It includes DDoS protection to keep your server secure from online threats, with a dedicated IP to ensure a unique and stable connection, and FTP access for easy file management.

Steps to get and set up your 24/7 Free Modded Server Hosting

Steps to get and set up your 24/7 Free Modded Server Hosting
Free Modded Server Hosting

Getting your personal Minecraft server for free with MyHostingLive is actually very easy, all you need to do is create a free account with us —because our free services are only available for members— and follow the easy setup instructions that we’ll be providing. For that, you’ll have to visit, which is our official website, and go to the section for you to become a member:

  • Click on the Become a Member option on the menu bar.
  • Watch the tutorial video on your screen.
  • Enter your email address for us to send you a membership code.
  • Download the membership code to activate your account.
  • Set up the private username and password of your account.

Once you have created your online account with us, you’ll officially be a MyHostingLive member and will get access to all our free forever features, which include our Minecraft gaming servers. To create your Minecraft server, simply log into your account, go to the Services tab, choose the option for free Minecraft hosting, and follow the steps there to configure your server. 

Which Minecraft Versions will I be able to play on my Server?

Rest assured that our hosting supports all Minecraft versions, including Minecraft Bedrock, Minecraft Java Edition, and Minecraft Skyblock. No matter your preferred version or game mode, MyHostingLive has got you covered, providing a versatile and inclusive platform for your Minecraft adventures, so get started today and create the world of Minecraft in the mode of your preference!

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