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If you’re considering taking your business to the next level and entering into the e-commerce world, and are looking for a reliable hosting provider to get free domains names to get started, then MyHostingLive’s comprehensive hosting packages are for you. Register any free domain name of your preference with its corresponding extension 100% for free and much more in this easy guide!

What is the Domain Name of a Website and why is it Important?

What is the Domain Name of a Website and why is it Important?
What is the Domain Name of a Website?

The name of a domain is a very important part of its unique online address, which in turn, is what users type into their browsers to access that site in specific —like the URL that you write on the search bar to get into a specific website—. The domain name is like the digital brand name of the website, it is meant to make it easy for visitors to find and remember the business in question, and its importance lies in its role as a first impression because it reflects the brand, purpose, and credibility of the website.

What is the difference between a Website’s Name and Extension?

The domain name and extension are actually easy to identify and differentiate because while the domain name is the unique part of the web address that identifies the specific site, the domain extension represents the website’s category or purpose. For example:

  • In MyHostingLive.com: MyHostingLive is the domain name, and .com is the domain extension.
  • In YouTube.com: YouTube is the domain name, and .com is the domain extension.

As you see, the combination of the two forms the complete web address and provides information about the website’s nature because continuing with the example, the extension part says that the website is a company and the name says it’s related to hosting services.

Aspects to take into account when selecting the Name for your Website

The most important aspect to check when choosing a domain name for your website is that the domain should reflect the essence of your brand or content, establish a distinctive online identity, and be attractive to your target audience so that you know it’ll reach the right visitors and will catch their attention. Also, it’s advisable to keep it concise, memorable, and easily spellable to enhance user recall, and not only that but also select a relevant domain extension, such as .com or .net, while still making sure that it matches the nature of your website.

Free Domain Registrar: Domains can be Registered for Free with MyHostingLive!

Free Domain Registrar: Domains can be Registered for Free with MyHostingLive!
Domains can be Registered for Free with MyHostingLive!

In MyHostingLive, we’re proud to tell you that with us, you can register your desired domain, have it running smoothly in our remote servers 24/7, and customize it with the premium tools that we have available —like WordPress, for example—, all 100% free of charge. Also, you can rest assured that MyHostingLive prioritizes safety and privacy protection, which is why we provide several safety measures that include but are not limited to:

This ensures that your online journey with us is not only cost-effective but also secure and reliable, which is actually why we’re recognized as the leading hosting provider in 2024, above important competitors on the internet —such as Hostinger or Freenom, for example—.

Why is it Important to choose a Web Hosting Service with a Website Builder?

Deciding a web hosting service that includes a website builder like MyHostingLive is essential for those looking to establish an online presence without extensive technical skills. MyHostingLive’s website builder simplifies the process of creating and designing your website; we offer templates and drag-and-drop features —that make it user-friendly—, and provide a very intuitive cPanel to manage your domain without restrictions.

What does MHL’s Web Hosting Plan include? – Domain Registration + Website Builder

What does MHL's Web Hosting Plan include? - Domain Registration + Website Builder
What does MHL’s Web Hosting Plan include?

In MyHostingLive, as the best web hosting provider on the internet, we not only offer free domain name registration services but also a free website builder for you to set your domain up, free WordPress hosting integrated, and a free cPanel with full admin access. You get all that 100% without charge by getting one of our free web hosting packages, which are available worldwide as we count on different security centers spread around the world where our remote servers are stored.

Benefits of Registering a Domain with MyHostingLive

Can I get a .com Domain for Free?

We want to not only provide a cost-effective solution to our users but also ensure that their website has a reputable and widely recognized domain extension —to boost their online credibility and attract as much organic traffic as possible—. Also, we understand the importance of having a professional and recognizable domain extension, and we know how popular the .com TLD is, so of course, you sure can get a .com domain extension 100% for free with MyHostingLive’s free domain registration service!

Legit way to get a Free Domain Name in 2024: MyHostingLive’s Domain Name Registrar

Legit way to get a Free Domain Name in 2024: MyHostingLive's Domain Name Registrar
Legit way to get a Free Domain Name in 2024 Here!

Before getting to use our hosting services, you’ll need to become a member by creating an account on our official website, which you can do by selecting the become a member option on the menu bar at the top of this page. Right after you have completed the creation of your online account, you’ll just have to log into it, choose the hosting service in which you’re interested, continue with the free website (domain) registration, and follow the steps on the page to install our website builder while your domain is being generated by our system. 

Why do I need to create an Account with MyHostingLive?

A lot of people normally wonder why they’re required to create an online account and become a member to access our website hosting services and build a website with us, and well, the answer is that we require that for security reasons. Keep in mind that all the information about your business and potential customers will be on that domain, which is why we want to make sure you’re the only person accessing that information to avoid data breaches and other possible cyberattacks.

Anyway, you’ll get unlimited and full admin access to your dedicated server and domain because one thing doesn’t have anything to do with the other. It’s just that we need to be sure that all the services you’re using from our official platform are protected under a private account with a secure username, password, and two-factor authentication. 

Are there Paid Domains with MyHostingLive’s Web Hosting Services?

Are there Paid Domains with MyHostingLive's Web Hosting Services?
Are there Paid Domains with MyHostingLive’s Web Hosting Services?

Well, this is one of the most frequently asked questions that we receive because users tend to think that the free domains that we offer are kind of a more basic version of paid domains; however, all our services are completely free to use and there are no something like premium or paid features in our hosting packages. So, when you get your domain name for free with us, it comes with all the benefits we’ve mentioned in this guide at no charge regardless of where you’re located, the kind of domain extension that you want, or the amount of subdomains you want in your website!

For how long can a Member use a Free Domain? Do these Expire?

In MyHostingLive, once users get free domains, those stay active permanently unless they want us to delete their server, which is actually the only way for us to eliminate a website. So, rest assured that there are no expiration dates and this is not a free trial like in other platforms that offer a free domain but only free for one year. In MyHostingLive, your free plan stays free and your domain stays running on our remote servers unless you request a cancellation, and as we were saying, there are no such things as paid features, so all our premium tools are available at all times for you to customize your server to your likes.

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