Free Domains for Websites: Get yours in 5 Minutes with MHL!

Creating a solid online presence begins with a crucial step: securing your business’ domain name and choosing the right domain extension or TLD. That’s why in MyHostingLive we have put ourselves to the task of creating the perfect web hosting plan that includes a domain name with the extension of your preference and a website builder for you to create and manage your website in one place. Keep reading to learn more about how to get free domains for websites with us!

Why is it Important to Register my Website’s Domain Name and TLD?

Why is it Important to Register my Website's Domain Name and TLD?
Why is it Important to Register my Website’s Domain Name and TLD?

Whether you’re starting a personal blog, an online store, or a business website, selecting the ideal domain name plays a vital role in determining your online success; in fact, registering a domain name and domain extension that align with your online goals and objectives can help you reach your target audience and boost your online ranking. Let’s see the two principal aspects that can be enhanced if you register the right website domain name and TLD!

Brand Identity and Credibility

Your domain name, coupled with the right domain extension, serves as your online brand identity because it’s often the first thing visitors notice when they access your website. A unique domain name combined with a relevant domain extension not only transmits professionalism but also boosts trust and credibility among your audience. It’s a clear signal that you are a serious player in your industry or field!

Better Search Engine Ranking

Search engines like Google consider domain names and their extensions when determining the relevance of a website’s content, so a well-chosen domain name and extension can improve your search engine ranking, making your website more discoverable to users searching for related information. This can result in increased organic traffic and a broader reach for your online presence.

What does MyHostingLive’s Web Hosting Plan Include?

What does MyHostingLive's Web Hosting Plan Include?
What does MyHostingLive’s Web Hosting Plan Include?

When choosing a web hosting provider, it’s essential to understand what you’re getting with your hosting package. The good news is that MyHostingLive offers a comprehensive web hosting plan that covers various needs 100% for free! Let’s take a closer look at what their hosting plan includes.

Our Plan Includes a Free Domain Registration!

One of the standout features of MyHostingLive’s hosting package is the inclusion of a free domain registration. This means that when you sign up for our hosting services, you’ll not only get the hosting space but also a domain name of your choice, complete with the desired domain extension or TLD

This is a significant benefit, especially for those starting a new website or looking to establish an online presence for their business. Having a unique domain name that reflects your brand or content is essential, and in MyHostingLive we make this process seamless by including it as part of our hosting package!

Our Plan Includes a Website Builder with a Free cPanel!

Along with the free domain registration, MyHostingLive’s hosting plan offers a complimentary website builder with a user-friendly cPanel. This cPanel is a powerful and user-friendly control panel that simplifies website management tasks like, for example:

In addition, the combination of the cPanel and website builder grants you access to user-friendly tools, allowing you to construct a professional website without the necessity of hiring an expert. This versatility ensures that you can tailor your hosting experience to meet your precise needs, whether you possess extensive development experience or are just embarking on your online venture.

Why is MHL the Best Alternative to get Free Domains for Websites?

Why is MHL the Best Alternative to get Free Domains for Websites?
Why is MHL the Best Alternative to get Free Domains for Websites?

When it comes to creating and administrating your website domain, MyHostingLive stands out as the ideal choice for several compelling reasons. Here’s why MyHostingLive is the best alternative for your free domain registration needs.

MyHostingLive is very Safe to Use!

At MyHostingLive, your domain privacy and security are a priority. That’s why we have implemented strong safety measures such as SSL certificates that encrypt and safeguard your data. Additionally, prior to utilizing our services, you’ll be prompted to establish a private account featuring a confidential username and password. With this, we make sure that your online presence is shielded from potential threats and unauthorized entry!

100% Free Domain name Registrar

Unlike some hosting providers that may offer a domain free for the first year only or include hidden charges, MyHostingLive‘s commitment to transparency shines through. Our services are free forever, meaning there are no hidden fees, expiration dates, or unexpected costs down the road, which ensures that your domain remains registered without any disruptions.

Get a Free Domain in 5 Minutes with MyHostingLive!

Get a Free Domain in 5 Minutes with MyHostingLive!
Get a Free Domain in 5 Minutes with MyHostingLive!

If you’re looking to acquire a domain name that aligns with your business name and a well-known domain extension, MyHostingLive is the ideal hosting and domain registration choice. We offer free hosting services for you to either create, transfer, or renew your domain with us! Check here the steps to create your domain and register whatever name you choose with us.

Steps to Get your Free Domain with MyHostingLive

  • Visit
  • Drag your cursor to the services tab and select the free domains option.
  • Select one of the domain extensions currently available.
  • Choose a domain name and enter it.
  • Click on Get Started.

Once you provide the basic details for the free web domain you wish to acquire through our platform, there is a verification procedure you must complete. That verification process is for our system to verify your identity and take you to the account creation section, where you’ll need to set up an account with us. During this account creation process, you’ll be required to set a personal username and password for your account and then:

  • Sign in to your MyHostingLive account.
  • Go to the “Free Domains” section.
  • Wait for the system to complete the free domain name registration.
  • Download our website builder and cPanel (totally free).
  • Start setting up your new business website.

Is it possible to get Free Subdomains under my new Domain Name?

You sure can! With MyHostingLive, you can enjoy the advantage of unlimited free subdomains under your primary domain name. Whether you need subdomains for different sections of your website, specific purposes, or organizational structure, this feature empowers you to organize your website content efficiently and tailor your online presence to your unique needs, all at no extra cost. Get started now!

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