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Creating a new domain and entering the world of e-commerce will definitely take your business to the next level, and if that’s what you’re looking for, MyHostingLive is here to help you through your journey! Check this guide and learn with us why the TLD io is so popular, why are io domains expensive, and how you can get a new domain with any extension (including io) with MyHostingLive 100% for free.

Why are .io TLDs so Popular among Technical Companies?

Why are io Domains so Popular among Tech Companies?
Why are io Domains so Popular among Tech Companies?

In recent years, .io domains have gained much popularity among tech companies, so it is now seen as trendy and innovative, aligning well with the tech industry’s forward-thinking image. The global reach of .io domains is a very significant factor that has made them so popular because as they are pretty well-known and recognized globally, these domains allow tech companies to establish an international online presence effortlessly.

What does .io Mean?

The .io domain extension stands for the British Indian Ocean Territory, a small overseas territory of the United Kingdom, but that’s not really why this TLD is so important and recognized. While its original purpose was to represent this remote geographic location, its association with input/output —I/O— has given it new significance in the tech world. In fact, this is what makes .io domains unique and very attractive for technical companies; they want a domain that represents both technical prowess and global accessibility, and .io is the perfect choice for that.

What is Special about .io Domains?

What sets the io TLD apart is its connection to the technical industry and the innovation it represents, that’s what makes it so special and with such high demand. This is because when you think about the abbreviation IO, it immediately takes your mind to developers and engineers, and that’s all the hype behind this extension’s popularity, that people can associate it with the tech market, which boosts the company’s online presence. This makes it an intuitive choice for tech-related websites and the perfect option for all those who want their companies to be instinctively associated with that industry. 

Also, .io TLDs have high availability because they’re relatively new. They became popular recently and didn’t have a lot of demand before, so while many popular extensions were already taken, the .io top-level domain offered an opportunity for tech companies to secure their desired online identity. However, that was in past years because they’re nowadays in high demand, which is why io domains are so expensive.

Why are io Domains Expensive? Is it worth it to Purchase an io Domain?

Why are io Domains Expensive? Is it worth it to Purchase an io Domain?
Why are io Domains Expensive?

IO domains are often considered relatively more expensive than some other domain extensions due to their popularity in the tech sector; for example, dot io domains have a higher price than dot com domains. However, whether it’s worth it to purchase an IO domain depends on your specific needs, the value you place on a domain that aligns perfectly with your tech-focused brand, and whether it’ll reach your target audience or not.

Do .io Domains Rank Well?

While the domain extension itself doesn’t inherently affect search engine rankings, io extensions can rank well when they have relevant and high-quality content. Search engines prioritize content and user experience, so if your io TLD hosts valuable and well-optimized content, it can achieve good search engine rankings. It’s more about the content and website quality than the domain extension itself because if the ccTLD is popular but your site’s content is not relevant, then your ranking won’t be good.

How Much does a .io Domain Cost?

The cost of a .io domain can vary significantly depending on factors like the registrar you choose and the specific domain name you desire, but on average, you’ll need to pay from $30 to $60 per year —or more if you use some premium or highly sought-after names—. However, this doesn’t have to be a problem for you anymore because in MyHostingLive we are committed to providing you with a full hosting package that includes the TLD you want, domain name registration, and much more 100% for free!

Are MyHostingLive’s io Domains Safe for Tech Startups?

Are MyHostingLive's io Domains Safe for Tech Startups?
Are MyHostingLive’s io Domains Safe for Tech Startups?

With a strong reputation in the domain registration industry, we ensure that your domain purchase is protected and hassle-free, and all 100% for free. In MyHostingLive, we offer the most reliable and trustworthy platform to obtain io domains! 

Moreover, our commitment to customer support and data security makes us a very trustworthy partner among tech startups seeking to secure their ideal .io domain, and that’s not all! We also offer free SSL certificate coverage and manage free memberships for your information to be completely protected against cyberattacks.

Benefits of getting a Free .io Domain with MyHostingLive

  • You’ll get to choose the TLD of your preference, including the io domain extension.
  • You’ll get to register a domain name and extension without having to pay high prices, it’s 100% free.
  • You will be able to register the perfect domain name for your website upon availability.
  • The domain registered will remain yours permanently, we don’t manage annual fees or expiration dates!
  • Free domain-based emails, a very easy-to-use cPanel, web hosting, and site builders are all included in your hosting package.

Get your io Domain Extension and Name Registration 100% for Free!

Get your io Domain Extension and Name Registration 100% for Free!
Get your io Domain Extension and Name Registration 100% for Free!

If you want to get started and get your new domain with us without having to pay anything, just visit our official website MyHostingLive.com, and from the services tab, select the option that says “Free Domains”. Once there, follow these easy steps:

  • Select the TLD of your preference, remember that we have available every domain extension.
  • Enter the domain name of your preference.
  • Set a private username and password.
  • Create your account.
  • Wait for the system to register your domain.
  • Continue with the instant setup of your domain and start creating your website.

Why do I need to get a Membership to use MyHostingLive’s Services?

Well, we ask you to create an account with us because that’s the way we make sure you’re the only person accessing your information and your domain. With this free membership, we ensure that only you can access your information and domain, which is crucial for preventing data breaches and cyberattacks. In other words, creating an account helps you manage all your products with us in one place and keep them secure with a secret password, optional two-step authentication, and SSL certificate protection.

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