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In MyHostingLive we know you are looking for an alternative to get your website’s domain name for free. That’s why we have this article for you where we not only explain all the basic information you need to better understand domain names and their importance but also let you know how to get a totally free domain name with the best hosting provider in 2024: MyHostingLive. Start building your online presence now!

What is the Domain Name of a Website?

What is the Domain Name of a Website?
What is the Domain Name of a Website?

The domain name is part of the address of a website, it is meant to be like an identification for online sites and is usually the same as the name of the business — for example, Facebook uses that same word as their own domain name —.

In fact, all sites on the internet have a domain name because that’s how search engines can locate websites and take you to them, and all sites need to register their own domain names through domain registrars like MyHostingLive.

Domain Name Registration: Why is it Important?

  • It gives your website an identity and helps to create brand awareness because people get to identify/recognize you.
  • A domain name that matches your business or website name can help improve your search engine rankings.
  • It will make your website look more professional and trustworthy.
  • It allows you to have the domain-based email addresses that we mentioned before.

Is the Domain Name part of a website’s URL?

That’s correct, the domain name is only part of the whole address of a website! There are in fact other components there, and those are required so that search engines like, for example, Google, can locate the specific domain and take the user there.

However, this is actually the most important one for both the website owner and the website’s visitors because it’s the only identifiable element on the website address. Here are some examples:

Get a Free Domain Name with MHL’s Web Hosting Service

Get a Free Domain Name with MHL's Web Hosting Service
Get a Free Domain Name with MHL’s Web Hosting Service

Whether you are a blogger looking forward to your own page where you can publish your work or an entrepreneur/business owner that knows the potential of e-commerce, MyHostingLive’s free domain registration service is perfect for you.

With us, you’ll get to choose the domain name of your preference so that your target audience gets to start recognizing your company above your competitors and your website starts getting more organic traffic and more online recognition!

Is the Domain Name the same as the Domain Extension of a Website?

No, even though those are both parts of all websites’ addresses, domain names & domain extensions are not the same, they are just two separate components that have two different purposes.

As we were mentioning above, the domain name of a website is its unique name — like Pinterest or Apple —, it’s the name you can use to identify it. On the other hand, the domain extension is the suffix that follows that name and that gives an account of what is the website about, for example:

  • Suffix .com: used by companies.
  • Suffix .org: used by non-profit organizations.

Free Website Builder + Totally Free Domain Name

Free Website Builder + Totally Free Domain Name
Free Website Builder + Totally Free Domain Name

In MyHostingLive we offer a free domain that you can register also for free and that comes with its domain extension. In addition, it comes with the best website builder in case you need a friendly platform to build your website! Check the following step-by-step to know how to enroll with us.

How to get MyHostingLive’s Hosting Package Now?

  • After you visit MyHostingLive’s official website, go to the menu bar on top of the screen.
  • Drag your cursor to the services tab and choose the “Free Domains” option.
  • Select the domain extension.
  • Enter the domain name. Remember that our system will check if it’s available or not before you can register it.
  • Click on get started.
  • Follow the instructions to create your account.
  • Finish the free web domain registration/creation.
  • Start building a website for that domain. 

The process is not difficult at all and we even have tutorial videos for you to guide yourself through the process!

Why is MHL the Best way to get a Free Website Domain Name?

Why is MHL the Best way to get a Free Website Domain Name?
Why is MHL the Best way to get a Free Website Domain Name?

Offering reliable hosting services and a vast selection of domain extensions, MyHostingLive ensures that individuals and businesses can establish their online presence with ease and professionalism. Anyhow, that’s not the only aspect that makes us the best web hosting provider, we also offer the following advantages.

Entirely Free SSL Certificate Protection

SSL certificates encrypt all the information you enter into our website while the free domain name registration, also, encodes all data in your account and protects your privacy. This is such a great advantage because your cybersecurity and the privacy protection of the visitors of your website are one of the most important aspects when making a website, so we added this completely free feature for our users.

Permanently Free Domain Name and Hosting Plan with No Expiration Date!

When users hear about the possibility of getting a domain for free, they usually think this is a free trial that will later require a payment or that we offer free domain names without registration, and similar things. However, MyHostingLive is not a free trial and offers a free domain name with all it needs to be registered and start working right away, and not enough, we also include a free web hosting package with premium features. 

Getting a Domain Name for your Website with MHL: More Benefits

  • These top-level domains don’t expire.
  • This is not a shared hosting service, you actually get a dedicated IP.
  • If you need a domain for a specific country, you can select its suffix as your domain extension.
  • Our website builder is very easy to use, you won’t struggle when creating your website.
  • We offer 24/7 assistance in case you have any questions!

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