Best cPanel Web Hosting Service in 2024: Is cPanel Free?

cPanel is a web-based control panel that provides a centralized panel that you can use to perform various tasks like creating email accounts, managing domains, uploading files, or configuring databases on your website; this is like the perfect solution for all domain owners that want an easy and practical way of maintaining their site!

We are sure you are interested in obtaining this tool to simplify your website’s management, but of course, there are questions to answer; for example, is cPanel free? Does it expire? Is it safe? Is it difficult to use? Keep reading to find the answers to those questions and to know more about our cPanel hosting service!

What is a Free Web Hosting cPanel used for?

What is a Free Web Hosting cPanel used for?
What is a Free Web Hosting cPanel used for?

MyHostingLive’s popular control panel empowers website owners to easily control and customize their hosting environment without needing extensive technical knowledge; this tool is used to easily complete tasks that are normally complicated, like, for example:

  • Creating web-based email accounts that will make your site seem more professional.
  • Managing the domains and subdomains of your business’s website.
  • Uploading and editing your website’s files with just a few clicks.
  • Monitoring the activity of your server and its processes in real time to ensure a smooth and efficient online presence.

Can cPanels be used to create New Websites?

No, a cPanel itself is not a website builder, it is just meant to provide tools and features to easily manage and configure various aspects of an existing website. However, MyHostingLive does have the right service for you to create your website from scratch, with us as your web hosting provider you can get a variety of free domains for free such as .com .net .org, and many others.

With our free web hosting plan, you get to select your domain extension and domain name and register them to then use our website builder to customize your new website to your likes. Keep in mind that MyHostingLive offers you:

  • Your domain comes with a free and unlimited web hosting control panel.
  • You get to create your domain in minutes.
  • You can get as many subdomains as you wish.
  • The domain name registration is completely free.
  • Your hosting account comes with free SSL certificates, MySQL databases management, and VPS hosting.

MyHostingLive’s cPanel Hosting Service: Is cPanel Free?

MyHostingLive's cPanel Hosting Service: Is cPanel Free?
MyHostingLive’s cPanel Hosting Service: Is cPanel Free?

Absolutely, MyHostingLive’s free cPanel hosting service is completely free! In fact, we are one of the better-known free hosting providers as our service is well above average in the free hosting industry because of the excellent cPanel (control panel) we offer and because of all the extra services that come with our hosting package.

Are there paid hosting applications or features?

This is a fair question as it happens a lot that web hosting (with cPanel) services are advertised as free but have almost all their apps and features locked as “paid or premium”. However, MyHostingLives’ features and applications are 100% free and available for our users at all times, there are no paid services or extra fees!

Is this cPanel Account a Free Trial for a Paid Hosting Account?

No, this is not a free trial at all, when you sign in with MyHostingLive you get access to all our website hosting services including the cPanel to manage your website permanently. In fact, we don’t manage expiration dates or anything like that, your account will never expire, and your web host manager account will only be deleted if you close it yourself.

Is it Safe to use MHL’s cPanel Free Hosting Services Online?

Is it Safe to use MHL's cPanel Free Hosting Services Online?
Is it Safe to use MHL’s cPanel Free Hosting Services Online?

MyHostingLive is known as the best web hosting provider not only because of our cPanel interface or the features that we offer, it is also because MyHostingLive is very safe to use thanks to all the safety measures that we have in order to protect you, your client’s information, and your website.

✓ Free SSL Certificate Protection

Prioritizing cyber security is key in the hosting industry. That’s why MyHostingLive as a hosting company, safeguards your information from potential fraudsters, hackers, scammers, and other malicious entities by enabling SSL certificates that encrypt all the information you enter into our platform for free!

✓ Free Hosting Account Creation with Private Username and Password

MyHostingLive requires you to create a private account with secure and private login credentials before you access our services, that’s how we make sure you are the only person accessing your account and that there are no unauthorized individuals seeking to exploit your personal information!

✓High-Security Datacenters 

As you might know, your cPanel is hosted on remote servers that help your website to be active and working 24/7. These servers are hosted in high-security databases located in different secret locations that we protect to make sure all the information stored in these physical servers is safe.

How to get a Free Control Panel for your website with MyHostingLive

How to get a Free Control Panel for your website with MyHostingLive
How to get a Free Control Panel for your website with MyHostingLive

Let’s check the very easy-to-follow steps for you to create your account with MyHostingLive and get access to all our services. Unlock the potential of the best free cPanel hosting service and take control of your web hosting experience!

Step by Step to access MyHostingLive’s popular Web Hosting cPanel Service

  • Visit MyHostingLive’s official website.
  • Go to the “Services” tab that you’ll find at the top of the page.
  • Select the “Free cPanel Hosting” option.
  • Scroll a little bit down and select your cPanel hosting plan.
  • Acknowledge that you’ll need to create an account to continue.
  • Click on the “Get Started” button.

After this, you’ll need to follow the instructions to create an account with MyHostingLive so that we can secure your access to our services, keep in mind that this step is very important for security reasons:

  • Enter the required information (your name and email address).
  • Complete the identity verification process.
  • Set up your account.

Now that you have an account with us, you’ll need to log into it and download the cPanel tool to start using it right away, to do so, just go to the downloads tab and select the option that says “Free cPanel Hosting”.

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