Best Minecraft Server Hosting with Mods

Did you know that it is possible to get mods on your Minecraft server completely for free? With MyHostingLive it is possible to have your private modded Minecraft server with unlimited slots and unlimited bandwidth. Keep reading to know how to get your Minecraft server hosting with mods in minutes.

What does “Mods” Mean?

What does "Mods" Mean?
What does “Mods” Mean?

Minecraft’s moods are packages of new content, people create unique content that can be uploaded to the game. If, for example, a developer creates a new mod of animals and a gamer enables that mod on their server, the gamer will see those new animals from the mod package on their map.

There are a lot of different mods about various things on a game server, for example, there are texture mods (to see more realistic graphics on the game) and weapons moods (to have new weapons for your character to use).

Mods can be used not only on a Minecraft server, there are mods available for any game, however, those are very popular in this game because it is about crafting, exploring, and adventures, so it is great to have those mods as mini upgrades of the game where you can have infinite improvements on your seed.

Reasons to Use a Minecraft Hosting Server

Reasons to Use a Minecraft Hosting Server
Reasons to Use a Minecraft Hosting Server

Most of the people who use hosting services to save their game on a server do it with the intention of having more storage space and being able to play Minecraft without worrying about lag on their computer or affecting their computer at all (if the device doesn’t have enough RAM and disk space to run the game).

A Minecraft hosting provider is useful for you to have lag-free servers to play with friends, it is easier for you and your friends to join the same world if it is located in a server because everybody can just join the server, also, you don’t have to pay extra to have a multiplayer world.

Why is MyHostingLive the Best Hosting Provider

Why is MyHostingLive the Best Hosting Provider
Why is MyHostingLive the Best Hosting Provider

Here are the principal reasons why MyHostingLive is the best free Minecraft hosting provider:

Is Completely Free of Charge

You can take advantage of our Minecraft server hosting services without any charge, having your server is completely free and you won’t have any restrictions. Also, your Minecraft server doesn’t have an expiration date, so unless you voluntarily cancel your subscription, you will be able to keep your modded server as long as you wish.

You can Enable Automated Backups

You have full control over your server, with the control panel/server panel you can change server settings to customize it and set automated backups on a daily or weekly basis if your want, this is how we make sure you don’t lose any game progress or information of your modded Minecraft.

Modded Server with Unlimited Slots and Bandwidth

With our modded servers you can get as many mods as you want, you also have unlimited slots and bandwidth. In addition, with our dedicated servers, you get to choose where you want your hosting server to be located, we have 7 server locations in different parts of the world (our high-security data centers) so you select the nearest one to you and get the best experience possible with our lag-free servers.

DDOS Protection

Security and data protection are very important for us because we know how important are to you, your Minecraft server is protected against DDOS attacks, also, your account and profile are covered with your private username and password so that only you can access your World. In addition, you can enable the two-factor authentication feature if you want to add more protection to your account.

FTP Client Profile

If you enjoy the mechanical side of the game, free Minecraft hosting also offers FTP access, giving you full management over your server. To run Java or any other extension of your choosing, just use an FTP client to connect using the credentials you entered when setting up your free account.

Also, remember that you always have full access to your own Minecraft server with the control panel that allows you to make any changes no matter the server version of your modded Minecraft.

How do I Get one of the Best Minecraft Hosting Plans on the Internet?

How do I Get one of the Best Minecraft Hosting Plans on the Internet?
How do I Get one of the Best Minecraft Hosting Plans on the Internet?

If you want to improve your gaming experience and start working with MyHostingLive’s free game servers, the process is very simple, all you have to do is to follow these easy 5-step instructions:

  1. Visit MyHostingLive’s official website, in the top of the web page you will find a list on the menu bar under the name “services” drag your cursor over it and select the option “Free Minecraft Hosting”.
  2. You will be taken to the Minecraft servers home page where you can read more about this service and the benefits of having your own Minecraft server with MyHostingLive, there you will see a list of server locations for you to start the process and choose one of the nearest data centers to you.

    Remember that it is important you select the nearest one so that your server runs smoothly and with low latency.
  3. After you select the server location you will need to click on “get started” and proceed with the creation of your online account with MyHostingLive by entering your email address where it says “download membership code” (this is an essential step because that’s how we make sure you are the only person accessing your account).

    If you already have an account just enter your email address and membership code to continue.
  4. When having downloaded the membership code, just continue the process of authentication of your account (a verification of identity that the web page uses for security reasons), remember that you don’t have to pay for the creation of the account or the Minecraft server itself, both are free.
  5. After you finish, log into your account, and from the “download” tab, start the installation and instant setup of your free Minecraft server hosting. Remember that you’ll have the control panel of the game server for your to accommodate your world to your liking.

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