How to get a server from USA RDP free

How to get a server from USA RDP free

The Remote Desktop Protocol servers are a tool that can ease your life and the way you interact with a computer, this is not a brand new function from Windows, indeed, the RDP connection is a function that has much time with us and could be an important ally in our business or daily life. We will tell you in this article important information about the remote desktop connection, the benefits of using this software, and the best way to have a server from the USA RDP free. So let’s start!

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

Let’s start by explaining what is an RDP or Remote Desktop Protocol, this protocol designed by Microsoft allows you to access a remote pc through a client on your computer. Basically, you emulate the graphical interface from a computer hosting in a remote server, it is like controlling the keyboard and mouse from a computer at a distance. The RDP client uses your bandwidth connection to access the server and all the functions it entails. This is a great way to have a second desktop without investing in a new one.

What is a server?

When we talk about servers we can refer to two similar terms. A server as a client in which we can access it through web hosting, this type remote desktop connection is often carried out with a dedicated IP and specialized software. The other term you may know is s physical machine in which the server is located, these server locations may vary and you can access them from anywhere.

Should I use a server from the USA?

For sure, all the features that can provide a server from any other country are exactly the same, the servers from the United States are a reliable hosting service, and many of these clients can give you full admin access. Many of the servers count on powerful hardware that may help you to have better service, full speed, and a comfortable computing experience.

RDP servers in the USA

RDP servers in the USA

Exist many providers of hosting services in the United States, however, it’s not strictly necessary to get these services from a provider located in the USA, many providers all around the world have servers in many countries, commonly they have servers in the main countries like Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Mexico, Brazil and more. You can ask your provider where they have servers located and choose the server of your preference. 

Does the location of the server matter?

Technically no, all the servers should have the software and hardware enough to allow you plenty of usage of the RDP, no matter the location it should go well all the time. Nevertheless, you can ask your provider for the server you desire, most of them have many servers all around the world.

Can I get an RDP server for free?

Yes, you can get an RDP client free, notwithstanding, you may get a trial period instead, you need to be careful since you can use freely these servers for a time, but, once you exceed the trial period (commonly some days or even 1 month) you will not have any access to your server. Today, we will teach you the best alternative completely free that you can find on the whole internet, MyHostingLive.

Free RDP hosting with MyHostingLive

Free RDP hosting with MyHostingLive

You can get a free RDP server with us, with a few details and within minutes you can start using a private server with no time or usage limitations. To start the process and open a server with us all you need to do is visit our official website, you can do it by clicking the link below. Once there you just need to follow a few steps.

Steps to get your server:

  • Visit you can click this link or click the button above.
  • Once on the page, select the type of Windows version you want to use on your server.
  • Mark the box “I Will Create a Free Account to Access the Service”
  • Click on the “get started” button.

This will take you to another page in which you just need to provide a valid email, follow the steps and you will receive a verification code at your email, submit this code on the field and you will be ready to start using your server completely free. Remember, none of our services have any cost or limitation, you can use them as long as you wish.

About MyHostingLive

About MyHostingLive

MyHostingLive is a hosting services provider with years of experience, we emphasize providing the best quality at a minor cost to all our clients. We offer services like Minecraft hosting, RDP hosting, cPanel hosting, and domain names, all of them totally free, we are a fast, reliable, and safe service with a customer service that is happy to help you with all you need.

Does MyHostingLive have servers in the USA?

Of course, our servers are located in the USA, Netherlands, and France. We constantly work to keep our servers in adequate condition and functional and we offer unlimited bandwidth with our free membership. With our full root admin server, we can provide unlimited bandwidth to all of our users.

Do I need to pay for my server in the future?

Absolutely no, our RDP servers are free for all our customers and will be free for a lifetime. All our services are completely free as long as you keep your membership with us, you don’t need to worry about payments or any related costs. We are a free alternative to getting hosting services.

Contact us!

If you have any questions or inquiries regarding our services you can contact our customer service whenever you need it, we will be happy to support you. We hope this article helps you to decide to have a USA RDP-free server with us. We invite you to check our main page, we have tutorials and blogs with relevant information that may help you. Thanks for choosing us.

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