Free .us Domain & Free Domain Name Registration in 5 Minutes

The traditional method of obtaining domain names and extensions on the internet is to purchase them from an official supplier; however, this may be rather expensive and, in the worst case, result in a commitment to ongoing monthly payments. Now, thanks to MyHostingLive’s free .us domain and website name, you get to register a domain for free and take your business website to the next level!

Learn in this article why MyHostingLive is one of the best ways to get a free .us domain and start looking professional and attracting more potential customers now!

Why are Domain Names and Extensions Important?

Why are Domain Names and Extensions Important?
Why are Domain Names and Extensions Important?

When creating a new domain for your e-commerce, it is very important that you select the name of your business or something that your users will recognize as your domain name, this will make your website seem more professional, will make it easier for your potential customers to differentiate you from your competitors, and will establish your brand as an online presence. 

With MyHostingLive you can get a free domain name (you get to choose among the eligible domains) and any domain extension of your preference, the .us domain is available and unlike other free domain providers, we won’t charge you any extra fee for choosing it. 

Why is the .us Domain Extension so Requested?

The .us domain extension is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the United States. The .us domain extension is used by a wide range of companies and organizations in the US, and it has grown to be one of the most well-liked and dependable TLDs nationwide, that’s why it is so requested and so useful if your services or products are available for this market.

MyHostingLive’s vs Our Competitor’s Web Hosting Plans

MyHostingLive's vs Our Competitor's Web Hosting Plans
MyHostingLive’s vs Our Competitor’s Web Hosting Plans

The first difference between MyHostingLive and other hosting services is that obtaining your domain name and .us domain extension is 100% free! Let’s check the main aspects that make us the best option for your online business.

All Plans Include a Website Builder and External Resources 

We offer free cPanel web hosting (all-in-one website builder) with no ads so that you get complete control of your top-level domain without having to install or learn advanced software, but that’s not all! We also have available for you free external apps and resources such as WordPress or phpBB to enhance your website creation experience! 

Enjoy Unlimited Business Email Addresses for Free 

Business Email Adress
Business Email Adress

A personalized email for your business is a solid approach to communicating with both your current customers and the potential clients who have shown interest in your company, when you use a domain-based email address, your business gains a sense of trust or reliability and professionalism. With MyHostingLive, you can create as many new email accounts as you want for your personal or professional use.

Online Protection through Free SSL Certificates

One of the biggest responsibilities of online business owners is their website’s privacy protection measures. Now, with MyHostingLive this is not going to be a concern for you because while other web hosting providers charge additional fees for your website’s security, we provide free SSL certificates — the best online safety measure to encrypt or encode all the information entered on your domain so that it is not vulnerable and cannot be read by cyber attackers —.

MHL’s Hosting Service: Frequently Asked Questions

MHL's Hosting Service: Frequently Asked Questions
MHL’s Hosting Service: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions that we receive from business owners looking forward to enrolling with us, check here the answers! (if you have any other questions, remember that you can always contact our customer service team).

Is this a Free Trial? Will I Lose my Website after the Trial Period?

This is a very common question because there are other platforms that offer free trials where the service is free for one year or for the first 60 days only (after that the enrollment expires and you get to pay for their services or they’ll eliminate the domain). However, with MyHostingLive you can rest assured that this is a 100% free service, not a trial, and your domain won’t be canceled unless you want to.

What are the Extensions Currently Available for Free?

Domain Extensions
Domain Extensions

The domain extensions available at the moment are .com, .net, .org, .ca, .us, .co, .uk, .de, .fm, and .tv. If you need a different one, you can select the option “other” for the system to look if the one you want is available. 

Do all Plans Include a Free Domain Name and Extension?

Yes! All of our plans come with a free domain name with the extension that you get to select when creating your account. Also, you get to create as many subdomains as you want to fit your small business needs.

Free Domain Registration: Get your Free .us Domain Now!

Free Domain Registration: Get your Free .us Domain Now!
Free Domain Registration: Get your Free .us Domain Now!

In MyHostingLive we can help you create the best website on the internet so that your business has its own domain and attracts more potential customers. If you want to get started, just drag your cursor to the “services” tab located at the top of this page (you’ll see a list of the services we offer) and click on “Free Domains“.

After that it will be a matter of following the instructions and completing the registration process; in general terms, these are the stages you’ll need to go through in order to get your free website domain:

  • Determine your domain specifications: You’ll need to enter the domain name and domain extension of your preference (you will see the domain extensions currently available on the screen).
  • Authenticate your Identity: For security reasons, you will have to complete a verification process so that the system allows you to create an account with us.
  • Create your account: Set up your username and password for the system to create an account with us, this doesn’t have any charge.
  • Download our program and get started: All our free plans include a website builder that offers you the possibility of customizing your domain, creating your professional email, and much more. It is now easier to navigate!

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