Best Free cPanel Hosting with Email Domain in 2024? MyHostingLive!

If you are looking for a cPanel hosting service that has a control panel or site builder so that you can freely administer your domain with unlimited bandwidth, a free SSL certificate, a free subdomain, unlimited domain-based e-mail addresses, unlimited MySQL accounts, and much more, MyHostingLive is exactly what you need.

We offer the best hosting package in the hosting industry, and the best part is that it is completely free! Learn more about MyHostingLive’s free cPanel hosting with email and get to manage your hosting account with full root admin access!

Is it Safe to use MyHostingLive’s Free cPanel Hosting Service?

Is it Safe to use MyHostingLive's Free cPanel Hosting Service?
Is it Safe to use MyHostingLive’s Free cPanel Hosting Service?

Safety is one of the most important aspects of MyHostingLive as a free hosting provider, so we take the following important security measures to ensure your protection and a great experience with our product.

Private Account with Username and Password

The protection that your username and password offer is crucial since they serve as your first line of defense against fraudsters, hackers, scammers, etc., and any illegitimate access to your personal information. MyHostingLive encourages and ensures you create secure and private credentials to access your profile, as it is key to cyber security!

Free SSL Certificates

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer; it establishes an encrypted link between a server and a client using standard security mechanisms. SSL certificates are used to make sure all the information you enter on our website is encoded or encrypted to protect you from cyber-attacks.

High-Security Data Centers

All the information stored on our websites is, of course, located on remote servers, and those servers are safely sheltered in high-security data centers with secret locations all around the world. This is to make sure our servers are physically protected so that all the information of our users is not at risk.

What are MyHostingLive’s Premium Hosting Benefits

Best Free cPanel Hosting with Email Domain in 2023? MyHostingLive!
What are MyHostingLive’s Premium Hosting Benefits

Our free cPanel web hosting services are beyond average in the web hosting industry because of all the quality hosting applications, features, and resources we include on your plan. These characteristics make us the best web hosting company on the internet for site owners to start customizing and administrating their domain as they wish. The principal benefits that come with your hosting package are:

  • With our Free Membership, you get all the apps you need to run and maintain your own successful online business (cms like WordPress, phpBB, Joomla, or Drupal).
  • SSL certificates to protect your free website builder (cPanel).
  • Unlimited domain-based email accounts (set up emails with the name of your business to be perceived as more professional).
  • The cPanel is easy to manage so you don’t need any technical knowledge or skills to manage our free website hosting platform.
  • You can upload, manage and edit your website files as you wish.
  • You’ll get to enjoy a custom cPanel where you can set all the options the way you prefer.

How to Get a Free Web Hosting Plan for Lifetime?

How to Get a Free Web Hosting Plan for Lifetime?
How to Get a Free Web Hosting Plan for Lifetime?

It is normal to doubt when you hear about a free forever cPanel with unlimited web hosting features, but with MyHostingLive there won’t be any monthly or annual charges, subscription fees, or “premium” restricted features. Everything is available for our users and all the resources, features, and functions have no limitations.

Another clarification worth mentioning is that this is not a free trial where you only get to test the service for a while to then be asked to pay, in addition, your web host account can’t be canceled by us because there are no expiration dates, and the only way to eliminate your free website or cPanel is from your account with your authorization.

How do I get a 100% free domain?

If you don’t have your website yet but would like to get started and create an online page for your business, MyHostingLive also offers unlimited domains and subdomains for you to create your website for free from scratch, this includes the domain name and domain extension of your preference. You can access both your free domain and the cPanel website builder by creating an account with us because as soon as you become a member you’ll have available all the services we as a hosting provider offer.

What other Free Hosting Services does MyHostingLive offer?

What other Free Hosting Services does MyHostingLive offer?
What other Free Hosting Services does MyHostingLive offer?

MyHostingLive as a web hosting provider does not only offer cPanels for your website or server management but also web hosting and domain creation along with some other services such as:

  • Free Windows RDP (Remote Desktop Server): Used for you to have a remote desktop with unlimited disk space as if you had another brand new PC on the same computer.
  • Free Minecraft Hosting: We can host your Minecraft server so that you can play with friends and enjoy your Minecraft world without worrying about your computer’s performance.
  • Free Domains: We offer domain services for you to launch a website for your business with your own domain name, extension, unlimited MySQL databases, and unlimited FTP accounts.

How do I Create my Free Account?

How do I Create my Free Account?
How do I Create my Free Account?

With MyHostingLive, setting up your account management panel is simpler than you may imagine. All you need to do is open an account and install the software to get started. After you visit our official website, you’ll have two options, you can either click on the “Free cPanel Hosting” option by dragging your mouse to the “services” tab and continue from there, or you can click on “Become a Member” from the same menu and get started from there.

Either way, you will need to complete a verification process and set the username and password of your hosting account and select the specifications of the cPanel web hosting package you want.

What to do if you Encounter Tech Issues Managing your Free cPanel

All members of MyHostingLive not only get to enjoy our services for free but also will receive any help if needed, our customer service team is ready to answer any questions and provide technical support 24/7 in case you experience any technical issues.

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