Free Unlimited Hosting with Cpanel 11

Here you will find useful information about MyHostingLive’s free web hosting services and the benefits of our free unlimited hosting with Cpanel 11 plan. So if you are interested in upgrading your business’ online website, this article is for you!

What is a Cpanel Hosting used for?

What is a Cpanel Hosting used for?
What is a Cpanel Hosting used for?

Most people use our Cpanel hosting plans when they are interested in having their own domain on the internet, you can think of us as hosting providers that give you everything you need to be your own website builder for free.

The great advantage of our service is its simplicity, you don’t have to be an expert or have advanced technical or programming knowledge to customize your own domain (so you don’t really have to pay someone else to design/develop your site to run your online business), there are even free templates for you to guide yourself and unlimited MySQL databases for you to store your product’s information or your customer’s records.

What are the benefits of using MyHostingLive’s Free Web Hosting Service?

Free Unlimited Hosting with Cpanel 11
What are the benefits of our Free Unlimited Hosting with Cpanel 11?

There are so many benefits of using our free web hosting services including all the unlimited features and resources that we will explain below (See “What is “Unlimited” on MyHostingLive’s Free Hosting Cpanel?”).

In this list, we’ll mention the principal advantages of having MyHostingLive as your hosting provider and having your free domain with us.

  • You don’t need to be a professional to operate our free website builder or to navigate the visual interface; everything is highly user-friendly and you pick it up very fast. Installing the operating system and web host manager menu bar of your new domain is also very simple.
  • You can choose whether you want daily or weekly automated server backups for your web hosting so that you don’t miss any crucial data. Additionally, you don’t need to be concerned about running out of disk space as with us, you have limitless storage and limitless subdomains.
  • There is no expiration date for your custom domain, you don’t need to renew your subscription or worry about losing information from your free web hosting plan, basically, it will be eliminated only if you decide so.
  • You have full control of your custom domain. You can easily monitor your server’s activities, such as CPU or disk space utilization, the SSL-enhanced certification status, bandwidth, and generally how well your website hosting performs and how many visitors you receive.

Is it Safe to use the services of a Hosting Provider?

Is it Safe to use the services of a Hosting Provider?
Is it Safe to use the services of a Hosting Provider?

This is a question we get a lot, and it is perfectly understandable taking into account that this is a free web hosting service that will contain a lot of delicate data of your clients and your business/e-commerce in general. However, there are several safety measures that we take to protect your free web hosting domain.

Free SSL certificates

In order to prevent security breaches and ensure that all the data on your website is truly yours, we make efforts to keep unauthorized parties from accessing your confidential material by encrypting and rendering it unreadable using SSL certificates.

Private account

"SIGN IN" tab on our official website
“SIGN IN” tab on our official website

For you to get to use our services, you must create a private free account with a username and password, this seems to be a very simple measure but is very effective to make sure you and only you get access to your free account.

Dedicated IP

Instead of providing you with a shared hosting domain, we use dedicated servers/IPs, this will assure you a fast and efficient custom domain meanwhile protects your information because is exclusively yours.

DDoS protection

We offer a type of cybersecurity called DDoS protection, it identifies and defends your custom domain of denial-of-service attacks.

Complete control over your custom domain

Another safety measure that is very important is the fact that you have full server management through your Cpanel control panel, so you are the one that makes all configurations and adapts the domain to what you need so your content delivery network is adjusted to what you consider is safer for your clients and yourself.

What is “Unlimited” on MyHostingLive’s Free Hosting Cpanel?

What is "Unlimited" on MyHostingLive's Free Hosting Cpanel?
What is “Unlimited” on MyHostingLive’s Free Hosting Cpanel?

All users of our free hosting services including our free unlimited hosting with Cpanel 11, have available the following unlimited free features and resources:

Unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space

Our free web hosting service has unlimited bandwidth and disk space so it doesn’t matter how many images or heavy amounts of media content you are uploading to your domain, and no matter how many visitors you have on your website (because there can be virtually unlimited visitors), your custom domain will run nice and smooth.

Unlimited Free subdomains

In our free website builder, you can have as many subdomains as you need so that you don’t have to create and log into several different accounts to manage your websites, everything can be done from your free hosting account and you can create unlimited websites.

Unlimited email accounts

You are able to set up as many email addresses for personal or business usage which is excellent if you want to use a single website to manage several domains and keep in touch with various clients worldwide.

Unlimited databases

As we mentioned before, these databases are good for storing information about your products like catalogs and storing clients’ records.

Unlimited FTP accounts

File transfer protocol (FTP) accounts allow you to share, download, and upload files from one area to another online and between computer systems (like between your local workstation and your remote Cpanel free domain).

Unlimited storage

Our Cpanel hosting plans include unlimited storage in case you manage heavy amounts of data with automatic backups that you can program to be on a weekly or daily basis so that you don’t lose anything.

unlimited and Free SSL protection

As we mentioned before, each Cpanel hosting server counts with a free SSL certificate as a safety measure to protect and encrypt all the information on your free domain.

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