Free RDP trial 1 month

Remote desktop protocol (RDP) is a technology that enables users to share their desktops with one another, regardless of where they are in the world,. A free rdp trial 1 month It’s an easy way for you and your colleagues to work together on projects, transfer data between computers without delays or interruptions, and more.


What is Remote Desktop protocol?

Remote Desktop Protocol


Remote Desktop Protocol

Remote Desktop Protocol is a way to access your computer remotely. It allows you to provide support for another PC, share files with someone else on the same network or even work from home without having to be in front of that computer.

Windows RDP benefits

The biggest benefit of using Remote Desktop protocol would have to be convenience and ease of access. You can access any computer, no matter where you are in the world as long as it is connected to the internet with Remote Desktop Protocol.

How can I free RDP trial 1 month?

Free RDP trial 1 month


Get Free RDP trial 1 month

We do not offer free RDP trial 1 month, what we offer is a free lifetime free rdp. You can cancel it after a month if you have no use for it. Also you can keep it for as long as you want in case you might want to use it later.

To access our service you will simply have to set up your desired free RDP server using the button below. Once you set it up you will need to complete a simple registration process in order to verify your account and get the log in details.

Benefits of our free RDP servers

Our free rdp servers are very stable and do not crash. They offer the best support you can get for a free service. We make sure that our users have access to all of their files, programs and settings before they disconnect from the server so there is no hassle when reconnecting later down the road.

  • Stable connections
  • Multiple locations
  • Unlimited bandwidth

Choose from different locations

Connect to your nearest server location for the best speeds. At the moment we offer locations in the most common countries such as:

  • Free RDP trial 1 month in USA
  • Free RDP trial 1 month in Canada
  • Free RDP trial 1 month in Germany
  • Free RDP trial 1 month in Ireland
  • Free RDP trial 1 month in Mexico
  • Free RDP trial 1 month in France

We are just expanding to offer the best possible service for all our users across the world.

Unlimited bandwidth

With our free service you will have unlimited bandwidth to offer the best speeds. You can use it at any time of day or night without being limited by the bandwidth of your free rdp.

Our free rdp is a simple, fast and secure service. All you have to do is follow the registration steps. Once done we can guarantee that you will be able to provide support for anyone who needs it no matter where they are in the world as long as you have a stable connection.

Frequently asked questions

We have gathered the most frequently asked questions about our free rdp.

Is there a limit to the number of connections I can have?

Our service offers unlimited simultaneous sessions per user, so you do not have to worry about losing your connection in the middle of a project or when trying to give remote support for example.

Do my files and programs disappear when I disconnect?

This is not the case, everything that you have on your remote desktop will be saved. We make sure to back up any programs or files before they are removed from our servers so if you do need them later down the road then simply reconnect and your applications should still be there waiting for you.

How many users can I have at once?

You can connect as many users as you want through our remote desktop protocol. Simply create an account for each user and they will all have access to the same data, programs and settings that are saved on your computer. You could even set up a virtual training session or conference call without having everyone in one location!

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