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MyHostingLive has for you one of the best .com domain registration packages on the internet! With us, you not only get 100% free domain name and TLD registration but also a web hosting plan that includes a free cPanel, website builder, domain-based emails, and much more. Learn here how to access our free .com domain registration, all in a couple of minutes, with a very user-friendly interphase, and without having to pay anything!

Differences between the Name and the Extension (TLD) of a Domain

Differences between the Name and the Extension (TLD) of a Domain
Differences between the Name and the Extension (TLD) of a Domain

Well, even though the name and extension of a domain are crucial parts of that website’s identity, both are completely different from one another! First of all, the domain name is like a unique identifier that users type in their browsers to visit your specific website, which normally is the same as your brand.

You can identify the name of a domain because it comes before the dot in the web address. Just to give you an example, on the website, the YouTube part is the domain name —as you see it is the same as the name of the company, which makes it easier for visitors to recognize the website—.

On the other hand, the domain extension, also known as the top-level domain or TLD, comes after the dot and typically indicates the website’s purpose, geographic location, or organization type. To continue with the same example, in, the com part is the domain extension, but it could be net, co, gov, org, or any other depending on the type of company in question.

Why is the .com Domain Name Extension so Important?

The .com domain extension is very important due to its widespread familiarity and association with commercial or business-related websites. In fact, it’s the most recognized and used TLD globally, which makes it instinctive for users to type when searching for a website, so having a .com extension can potentially increase a website’s credibility and visibility, which attracts more traffic and increases your ranking on search engines.

100% Free Hosting Plans: Domain Registration and Website Builder!

100% Free Hosting Plans: Domain Registration and Website Builder!
100% Free Hosting Plans: Domain Registration and Website Builder!

With MyHostingLive’s website hosting services, you not only get free domain name registration (with its corresponding .com TLD) but also a free website builder. Right after you transfer your domain to our platform or create one from scratch, our system gives you the possibility of downloading a totally free phpBB, Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress hosting website builder with its corresponding cPanel for you to manage and customize your domain to your needs.

MyHostingLive has for you Free Domain Registration upon Availability!

With MyHostingLive, you can get any domain name and extension for your new domain 100% for free. Domain names depend, of course, on the name availability because our domain registrar cannot register a domain name if it is already registered, but if it is available, you’ll definitely be able to complete the free registration with us —if not, you can make a small modification and check its availability again—.

Why is it Important to Choose a Good Domain Name and Extension?

Selecting the right domain name and extension is crucial for establishing a strong online presence! A good domain name is easily recognizable, relevant to your brand or content, easy to spell and remember, and helps users find and remember your website. Together, a well-chosen domain name and extension enhance brand recognition, trust, and accessibility, influencing how users perceive and interact with your website.

Will MyHostingLive take care of my Domain Privacy?

Will MyHostingLive take care of my Domain Privacy?
Will MyHostingLive take care of my Domain Privacy?

Of course, we’ll definitely be in charge of your website domain security and privacy protection 24/7! In MyHostingLive, we have implemented different safety measures that come with all web hosting plans, for example, you’ll have free SSL certificate coverage, DDoS protection, and a private hosting account, among other different features meant to enhance the security of all our members.

What are SSL Certificates for?

The SSL certificate protection is a very important feature enabled on MyHostingLive’s platform and servers. It’s in charge of encoding or encrypting all the information entered into our system to protect all our users from cyberattacks and/or data breaches, which makes us a very safe hosting alternative for your free website domain.

Why do I need to get an Account with MHL to get a Domain for Free?

As we were saying, the private web hosting account you’re asked to create with us is one of many safety features implemented in MyHostingLive’s platform. It doesn’t really matter if you just want to get your free domain with its com domain extension or if you also want to use our website builder and host the domain with us, all the information there will be protected from third-party access by this account (and its corresponding secret access password).

Register your .com Domain with MHL’s Web Hosting Service Now!

Register your .com Domain with MHL's Web Hosting Service Now!
Register your .com Domain with MHL’s Web Hosting Service Now!

If you are looking for a free domain name registrar that offers free .com TLDs and a website builder for you to take your business to the next level, MyHostingLive’s free and reliable service is the perfect alternative for you. Let’s see how you can register your domain —with any name and popular domain extension without restrictions— in less than 5 minutes!

What do I need to Register my Domain Now?

Well, there is not any kind of paperwork involved in the domain registration process or anything similar, you don’t need to provide any personal information aside from your name and email account, and there are not any conditions/requirements to meet. All you need to get your desired domain name for free with us is to create an account with us and follow the instructions on our web hosting platform to complete the registration process and download our website builder program if needed.

What will be the Registration Period of my Website Name?

After you claim your free domain name, it’ll be active and under your name for as long as you want. It doesn’t really matter if we’re talking about a business domain or a domain for your personal use, in both cases it’ll be permanently registered for your usage unless you want to delete the domain —which you’re free to do at any time—, so enroll in one of our web hosting plans now and enter the e-commerce world today!

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