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If you’re looking for a user-friendly ✓, fast ✓, reliable ✓, and cost-effective hosting game server to play Minecraft with your friends ✓, MyHostingLive is the perfect solution for you. Check out this easy guide and learn the reasons why game servers are so important to enhance your gaming experience, why MyHostingLive is considered to have the best free Minecraft hosting servers online, and how you can get yours in a matter of minutes!

What is a Minecraft Server Hosting Provider? 

What is a Minecraft Server Hosting Provider? 
What is a Minecraft Server Hosting Provider? 

A Minecraft hosting provider is a company that offers servers (specifically optimized for hosting Minecraft gameplay), which come in hosting packages tailored to the needs of Minecraft players. Specifically talking about MyHostingLive, what we do is that we help customers create and manage their own Minecraft worlds or multiplayer servers. We offer you several features like dedicated resources, technical support, reliable uptime, unlimited slots, unlimited plugins, automatic backups, and much more to enhance your gaming experience!

Having your Minecraft World on your PC vs. Hosting it with MyHostingLive

Well, having MyHostingLive as your hosting provider is definitely the best alternative because hosting the game on your PC has many important drawbacks, including that it is very impractical. Let’s see together the three principal aspects that make our private servers a better hosting alternative than your personal computer:

  • If your Minecraft world is stored on a high-performance and dedicated server, the game will run faster and smoother.
  • MyHostingLive’s servers have the capacity to host your Minecraft world without any problem, which wouldn’t be the case if you stored it on your PC because it’ll then start running slower because of all the disk space that it takes.
  • If you host your Minecraft world on a server like MyHostingLive’s, it’ll be active and available 24/7/365. On the other hand, if your world is hosted on your computer it will only be active if you’re online or playing.

Is it Safe to get a Free Minecraft Hosting Server with MyHostingLive?

Is it Safe to get a Free Minecraft Hosting Server with MyHostingLive?
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Using free hosting services on the internet can be a little risky if you don’t choose a provider with proper safety measures. However, that’s not the case with MyHostingLive because we do care about privacy protection and data safety, which is why we have implemented different security protection measures. Let’s see together the principal (free) security features that MyHostingLive implements on every hosting plan and that are available for all users.

Free DDoS Protection

All hosting plans offered by MyHostingLive count on DDoS protection to keep your server protected from Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS attacks, which is where the name comes from. With that, we improve your Minecraft experience because it helps us prevent the server from overloading, ensure that the server is available 24/7, maintain our excellent server performance, and protect the information of all players.

Free SSL Certificate Protection

We offer free SSL certificates that are enabled on our website and servers. The SSL protection is implemented to encrypt or encode all the information entered on our website and sent to/received from our servers, which is mainly to protect you from any data breach and potential cyberattacks.

Free Membership with a Private Account

Another important safety measure taken by MyHostingLive is that all members are asked to create a private account before they create their servers. This is very important for us because that account, which is protected with private login credentials, helps us make sure you’re the only individual accessing your information.

MyHostingLive: Best Free Minecraft Hosting Server Provider in 2024!

Best Free Minecraft Hosting Server Provider in 2023: MyHostingLive
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MyHostingLive offers undoubtedly the best Minecraft servers for you to play with friends 24/7 and take your Minecraft experience to another level. We are the only provider that offers such a reliable hosting service, and it’s 100% free for everyone in the Minecraft community, which applies no matter where you’re located or how big is your Minecraft world. Let’s see together the main advantages that you can get by taking advantage of our web hosting free plans and creating your own Minecraft server with us!

Benefits of getting a Free Minecraft Hosting Plan with MyHostingLive

  • Our modded servers are 100% free of charge.
  • You’ll have full FTP access in case you want to upload a map, mod, plugin, or anything else.
  • Free protection against DDoS attacks.
  • All our hosted servers are active and running 24/7.
  • We offer a very user-friendly platform (you won’t have any issues getting used to it).
  • You can choose whether you want to play in Bedrock or Java.
  • You’ll count on a reliable Minecraft server (safe to use). 
  • Free MySQL databases and full Minecraft server administration.
  • Unlimited bandwidth, slots, plugins, and mods (with mod and plugin support).
  • Customer support 24/7 via live chat or email in case you have any questions.

Steps to get a Minecraft Server for Free with MyHostingLive

Steps to get a Minecraft Server for Free with MyHostingLive
Steps to get a Minecraft Server for Free with MyHostingLive

If you want to get your modded Minecraft server and have MyHostingLive as your server provider for the best experience possible, then you just need to become a member and start customizing your server. Let’s see together the very easy step-by-step to get your Minecraft server today!

Start the Process to Create your Server

Drag your cursor to the services tab that appears on the menu bar that you see at the top of this page, a list will appear on your screen with some options, which are the services that we offer, so just select the one that says Free Minecraft Hosting. Once there, you’ll be asked to select your preferred Minecraft hosting data center, so just choose the nearest one to your location among the 7 that we have available at this moment.

Set up your Private Account and Enjoy!

You will be asked to create an account with us, but rest assured that this is completely free and there are no monthly/annual fees for getting a membership with MyHostingLive. All you have to do is complete our verification process, create your account —with its corresponding username and password—, and continue with the configuration of your server.

As soon as you finish with the generation of your MyHostingLive account, just download your server and start setting it up! You’ll get to choose the game version (Bedrok/Java), the game mode (survival, hardcore, creative, spectator, or adventure), and the number of players you want playing Minecraft in your private world.

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