Free and Fast Minecraft Server Hosting Services – 2024

You will find the best Minecraft server hosting services in 2024 with MyHostingLive, all our plans offer hassle-free setup, and automated backups, include multiple player slots, and are perfect for small or big Minecraft seeds. Check in this article what makes our 100% free and fast Minecraft server hosting plans special and perfect for you!

Which is the best Minecraft Hosting Service in 2024?

Which is the best Minecraft Hosting Service in 2023?
Which is the best Minecraft Hosting Service in 2024?

Choosing us to host your private Minecraft server offers you a lot of benefits (our clients can attest to the fact that we provide the greatest service possible). We are proudly considered one of the best hosting companies in 2024 because with us you have:

  • Limitless and automated backups (up to three on your server every week, to ensure the security of your data).
  • A remote and trustworthy server service at any time, anyplace, and without having to worry that your worlds or server will be lost (there is no expiration date!).
  • With our fast connection combined with our limitless server bandwidth, we can assure faster loading times and effective server performance.
  • There is no restriction on how many mods and plugins you may install on your server, we offer unlimited slots, free MySQL, free DDoS protection (against DDoS attacks), and much more.

Why is MyHostingLive the best Minecraft server for beginners?

MyHostingLive is such a great option for people who want a modded Minecraft server but don’t have a lot of experience with remote servers because we offer you a very user-friendly platform with an easy-to-understand control panel that gives you control over your server for you to customize it to your needs and preferences.

In addition, our software counts with instant setup, which means that the download and installation process will do most of the work for the platform to be ready for you as soon as the system finishes. Anyway, if you need help, you can always contact our customer support team and ask them for technical advice if needed.

Why are Third-Party Minecraft Servers Usually so Slow?

Why are Third-Party Minecraft Servers Usually so Slow?
Why are Third-Party Minecraft Servers Usually so Slow?

External servers are usually slow because of internet lag, but the issue is that you are normally far from the servers of your hosting provider. Being geographically far away from the remote web host means that the information will need to go to that location and then come back to your local computer, and as Minecraft is an open-world game (you have a seed and are meant to discover places all over your world), it takes a lot to load the map.

This can happen a lot if you are for example playing with a lot of friends on the same Minecraft server, if you all are in the same place together, you won’t experience a lot of lag because the server will only need to load the blocks around the group.

But if another player appears so far away from the group’s position, the server will have to render all the blocks to that position, and that will generate latency issues (because the game will be getting the information from a remote server and also, there is usually not enough RAM).

How do I make my Minecraft Server Faster?

MyHostingLive has the great advantage (to assure you a smooth connection to your Minecraft server) of 7 different server locations for you to choose the best and closest one to you and run your own Minecraft server faster.

In addition, taking into account that another reason why game servers are slow is that the server hosting provider runs multiple Minecraft sessions under the same IP address, we offer you dedicated servers and dedicated IP to ensure a better gaming experience.

Now, a great recommendation for you to avoid local low latency is to use an ethernet cable for you to run and configure your server with a wired connection. This way you will be decreasing local latency and reducing delay when connecting to your server hosting for Minecraft.

Is MyHostingLive’s Minecraft Server Hosting Service Really Free?

Is MyHostingLive's Minecraft Server Hosting Service Really Free?
Is MyHostingLive’s Minecraft Server Hosting Service Really Free?

This is one of the great benefits of joining MyHostingLive and is that there are many providers that offer fewer benefits and that charge you monthly expenses for them to host a Minecraft server, but we are available for you to enjoy all the services and resources we have available to cover your gaming needs at no charge.

This is not a free trial where you get to pay later, this is a lifetime membership completely free without additional fees or paid “premium” benefits on your Minecraft hosting plans.

How do I Get Started?

All you have to do is to visit our online platform and from the menu bar on top of the page, select the “Become a Member” option (you can also go to services >> free Minecraft hosting, and select your server location, the system will indicate you how to create your account before continuing).

After that, it will be a matter of following the instructions on our website to authenticate your identity and generate your account, remember to set up a username and password easy to remember for you!

Other benefits of MyHostingLive’s Fast Minecraft Server

Other benefits of MyHostingLive's Fast Minecraft Server
Other benefits of MyHostingLive’s Fast Minecraft Server

There are several advantages to having free hosting for Minecraft with MyHostingLive like improved security and privacy, and total control over your server’s operations, and greater security and privacy. We’ve reviewed some of the several benefits that you can take advantage of with us, and here are some others for you to take the decision now and have us as your service server provider:

  • The number of players that may connect to your gaming server will be unrestricted (unlimited player slots).
  • As long as you have access to the internet, you can play from anywhere and at any time, our servers are active 24/7.
  • This is a private server, so you have full control over the hosting options, mod pack updates, and players you want to join your world.
  • Unlimited SSD storage, bandwidth, DDoS protection, backups, mod packs (mods and plugins), and a multicraft control panel, all in your premium package free of cost.

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