RDP Server Windows 10

Windows 10 is the one of the most preferred Windows OS currently on the market. It is not wonder people want a free rdp server Windows 10. Before we jump into it we will talk a little bit why you should use Windows 10 for your next free rdp server.

Why Windows 10?

You’ll be surprised to find out that it offers a cleaner interface and a much more intuitive experience when it comes to navigating through the OS. Another reason is that Windows 10 is much safer than other versions in the sense that it saves your data automatically so there’s no need to worry about losing anything important, even if your computer crashes. It also offers faster browsing and better security protection from viruses and malware. Lastly, Windows 10 can be used smoothy on rdp servers.

Benefits of RDP Server Windows 10

  • Easy to use
  • Fast to browse as RDP Windows server
  • No need for data saving as Windows serves your files automatically
  • Offers safety to protect against malware and viruses on rdp windows servers
  • Works smoothly on RDP windows servers.
  • Windows is very popular OS among users who want a free remote desktop connection with their clients.
  • More customization than any other Windows OS version.

Is it hard to get a free RDP server with Windows 10?

RDP Server Windows 10
Is it hard to get free RDP server with Windows 10?

No, here at my hosting live we offer free windows rdp servers and we support windows 10 among with other versions. If you want to get your free rdp simply open the button below and follow the instructions.

What do I need?

To get started with your new free rdp you will need to do the following steps:

  • Configure your RDP settings
  • Complete the form
  • Finish the sign up
  • Log in onto your RDP server

As you can see it is as simple as that, we are only able to provide free rdp servers to those who complete the full verification process as this service is intended to use for personal use.

Benefits of our free RDP servers

Benefits of our free RDP servers
Benefits of our free RDP servers

We take great pride of our service and guarantee that this is one of the best free rdp servers you can find online. Our service allows for lifetime usage, meaning no more monthly fees to use our windows RDP server or any other type of subscription fee. You will have access to all Windows versions supported by our remote desktop connection tool and never be bothered with popup ads during your sessions.

Enjoy unlimited bandwidth

No restrictions using our service
No restrictions using our service

All our rdp servers offer unlimited bandwidth so you can work as much as you need. If that is not enough, check out our other products and services we offer or contact us if there’s any problem at all with your free rdp windows server.

Multiple locations

To make sure you have the best experience you should consider choosing a rdp windows server from you nearest location. We are not only able to offer you unlimited bandwidth but also high quality servers that will guarantee your smooth experience when working with clients remotely through RDP connection.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions

Can I get another OS?

Yes, we do not only work with Windows 10 we also offer free RDP servers with Windows server and other popular versions of windows.

Can I set up access to clients?

Yes, you are free to do what you want with your free rdp windows server. You can set up the access and restrict the access to folders or permissions under your own consideration.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, rdp servers are safe to use and we have been working on them for a long time now. We offer free rdp servers with Windows to ensure that you enjoy your RDP connection by offering quality service.

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