Get a free io domain

Get a free .io domain

Free .io domain. If you are looking for a free .io domain for your website then MyHostingLive is the solution for you. We offer truly free domains and the best customer experience on the whole internet, including free web hosting and many available tools to start your website with a wide range of domain extensions. So don’t wait any longer and visit our website today! Sign up today and get started on building your online presence!


What is TLD?


What is TLD?

To understand what a .io domain is we need to know about TLD, what stands for Top-Level Domain, which refers to the termination of your site, and what follows the dot on your URL. The most common endings are .com, .org, and .net. However, there are many other extensions available as well, currently more than 1.500 terminations on the internet, nevertheless, the most common endings have fewer possibilities of being used since having more users registered limits the name combinations.

What is the .io domain?


Free .io domain

Knowing what TLD is, let’s talk about the ending .io and what stands for. IO makes reference to the British Indian Ocean territory. to name your page under this domain you should use between 3 and 63 alphanumeric characters. IO domains can be registered from a year up to 5 years, however, io domains are expensive even reaching $90 dollars per year. Commonly you can see the .io domain on browser games, open-source projects, and online services. The IO domain became popular thanks to online games such as,,, and more.

Advantages of a .io domain

Since this domain become so popular, especially for fun such as online games there are many reasons why those popular games are made under that ending, some of the advantages of using a .io domain are:

  • Availability of names, even with the recent popularity of this domain you can have many combinations vacant for your web page, instead of a .com, for example in which you just can choose between available ones.
  • Easier to remind, since your customers just need to remember a short and easy to recall ending such .io.
  • IO domain is treated as a generic domain and not as a geo-targeting location. Google acknowledges this domain is used in many ways and not as a location code that’s because don’t block it as a ccTLD (country code top-level domain).

How to get my free .io domain

There are many possible websites that provide these services, most of them with monthly fees, remember that using or registering a .io domain has a cost per year of around $60. There is no need to pay too much for this service since MyHostingLive provides you with the option of getting a free-cost domain, with no hidden fees or trials, a truly free domain for your necessities.

MyHostingLive, your best option


MyHostingLive, your best option

To begin with your free .io domain, just visit our official website by clicking the link below: MyHostingLive is proud to inform you that we offer the best service on the whole internet, safe, reliable, and highly configurable, and free-cost.



From our official website you should and fill out a minimal form, this form asks for two fields, the first one is the domain extension (we offer you the most popular options such as .com, .org, .net if you don’t find the domain you wish you always can ask about availability). Second, enter the domain name, we check availability upon registration, after it, mark the box “I Will Create a Free Account to Access the Service” and proceed.

Free membership

Getting a free membership with us is a really fast and safe procedure, once you are done with the last step you will be on our “Become a member” page, where you just need to provide us with just 2 details:

  • First name.
  • Email.

You will receive an email, you just need to follow the steps on it and you will get your account ready to use our benefits. Once with your account is created you just need to log in with your email and password and you are now ready to get your free domain.

Our free domains

Our free domains

With our services you can enjoy so many important features on your domain, we provide you not just with an ending for your webpage but also with the pertinent tools and help to assure you will get the best experience on your website. With every domain with us you get:

  • Domain register, we will accompany you on every step of to custom your domain’s name, we do all the registration process and sent it to you via email.
  • Registration period, you can dispose of your own domain as long as you want, no matter if it is for commercial or personal purposes we offer this to all our users.
  • With our web hosting services, you can get your website up and running promptly. You receive a free domain name, fast setup, and an easy-to-use cPanel for no charge when you pick us, all this under the same service.
  • Protection and privacy, we hide your identity and let it be anonymous so other people can not search for personal details from you or what are you doing with your domain.
  • Transfer your domain, if you already have a domain and want to change it for another ending our team will help you with all the processes and assure your domain is safe

These are just a few benefits of getting your free .io domain with us, if you want to know all the benefits and characteristics we offer for you with the free domains we invite you to visit our page or use or customer service available for all our clients if you have any inquiry or question, we are here to help you with everything so your website can have the best experience.

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