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If your company is located in the UK and you want to take a step forward to improve your sales, get your 100% free domain now and start building your business website with MyHostingLive. It’s free, only takes a couple of minutes, you have full admin access, and free web hosting.

What is the Difference Between Domain Extensions and Domain Names?

What is the Difference Between Domain Extensions and Domain Names?
Domain Extensions vs Domain Names

Both domain extensions and domain names are part of the free domain/web hosting package that you get when you enroll with us. Now, as you might have noticed before, a link is composed of two different parts which are separated by a dot, it is even like that on our website “” (as you can see there is a domain name, a dot, and a domain extension which in our case is .com).

Domain Names

Domain names are the ones that will let your customers/visitors know what is your online business about, it is like the website address (which is usually the business name) that makes it easier for your users to find and identify you.

For example, Facebook is a very famous website around the world, and the link to get to their domain is ““, as you can see, they are using the company name “Facebook” as their domain name so that their users can easily locate their website.

Domain Extension

The extension of your free domain can be a ‘country code‘ that lets your visitor know where you are located because each one represents a specific country (for example a “.uk” extension means that your business is from the United Kingdom).

On the other hand, there are codes that represent specific entities (those are called sponsored codes), for example:

  • .gov: the website is a government page.
  • .edu: the website is from an educational institution.

Finally, an extension can also be a “generic code”, this includes the best-known extensions by all of us, for example, .com, .net, or .co.

Benefits of having your Free Domain and Web Hosting Package with MyHostingLive

Benefits of having your Free Domain and Web Hosting Package with MyHostingLive

Owning your free .uk domain is a huge step, and we know you want to understand everything before signing up for our web hosting plan. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the main advantages that you will get with MyHostingLive.

  • There are no restrictions or trial periods when it comes to our web hosting services at MyHostingLive; we provide you with the domain name, extension, hosting package, and all of our services without any strings attached.
  • Your domain will not expire or be deleted unless you want to do so yourself.
  • You can select the domain name of your preference (upon availability) and select any of the extensions to create your free website.
  • The system will generate a domain-based email account for you to manage everything from it and not compromise your identity.
  • You have the protection of a free SSL certificate to encrypt all information entered on your domain.
  • You’ll get to enjoy unlimited bandwidth, free transfers, WhoisGuard, Premium DNS, and free unlimited cPanel hosting services, among other features.

Is a Free Domain safe to have?

Is a Free Domain safe to have?
Is a Free Domain safe to have?

We take a number of extremely essential security precautions to secure your information and the privacy of your clients as we recognize how valuable safety, PII (Personal Identifiable Information), and privacy are to our users.

Your personal account is the very first security measure. In order for us to ensure that you are the only one managing your web hosting account, you must set up an account when you initially join us and receive your free domain name.

As a second safety measure, you have the domain-based email account that we mentioned above. With this, your potential customers can contact you meanwhile your identity is secured, and your Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is kept hidden (for you to remain anonymous).

SSL protection (the third security measure enabled) has been set to encrypt all data entering and departing your free domain and web hosting server. With this, we make sure no third parties will ever access the information on your website.

Finally, Your information is physically safeguarded in our high-security data centers, which are located in hidden areas, and protected by our security staff, which constantly checks to make sure all servers are operating properly.

How to get a Free Domain Name and Extension with MyHostingLive

How to get a Free Domain Name and Extension with MyHostingLive
How to get a Free Domain Name and Extension with MyHostingLive
  1. Go to
  2. At the top of the web page, you will find a list on the menu bar under the name “services” drag your cursor over it and select the option “Free Domain”.
  3. You will be taken to the free domains page where you will see a list of extensions (10 in total including UK domains) for you to choose the one of your preference and start the process.
  4. Enter the domain name that you would like your website to have (remember that our free domain names need to be checked upon registration to confirm availability).
  5. After you select your free domain name, you will need to click on “get started” and proceed with the creation of your private account with us (you just need to enter a valid email address in the “download membership code” box). This is a fundamental step because that’s how we make sure you are the only person accessing your account as we explained above.
  6. Proceed with the authentication of your account by validating your identity and entering the confirmation code you received in your email. At the end of this verification, you should receive a membership code. Remember that if you already have an account, you don’t have to do all this, just enter your email address and membership code to continue.
  7. Log into your account and look for the “download” tab (you will find it on top of the page), start the installation, and instantly set up your free UK domain. Remember that you’ll have control over your website builder for your to adapt your own website to your preference.

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